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Jun 23, 2007 12:10 PM

Quality value greek in Vancouver

Hi all,
...visiting VCR from Montreal.....ideas?
Other top value places, even in Delta/Surrey?

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  1. Maria's on 4th Ave in Kitsilano.

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    1. re: Sam Salmon

      Thanks for Maria's.....great quality/value for a mixed bag of older/younger, eastern Cdns/BC locals....lamb was amazing tasty dish!.....many thanks from Montreal visitor for rec-

    2. taki's taverna on Davie and Thurlow downtown - waaayyyy better than stepho's where all the people from the burbs line up....

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      1. re: pants

        Take it from a tourist--one that visits Vancouver several times a year. There's a reason that everyone lines up at Stepho's--it's just much better. You can walk up to Taki's anytime and get a table, but there's always a line at Stepho's and to suggest that all those people "from the burgs" are wrong is just not reasonable. Stepho's garlic sauce alone puts it miles ahead of Taki's tziki sauce.

        1. re: FAT Traveler

          i'm afraid i have to disagree, as well as most people i know that live in the west end.

      2. Sympatico on 4th Avenue (near Maria's).
        The sweet basil spareribs in particular are to die for.

        1. I second Taki's Taverna. I also really like Candia Taverna on West 10th near UBC.

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          1. re: Chomp

            I drive past Candia Taverna on an almost daily basis, so when my dinner plans for a group of eight got swapped to this place at the last minute yesterday, I was actually kind of looking forward to checking it out. The interior is dark but very homey with warm wood tones dominating the walls, tables, paneling, etc. The tables-for-two on the side walls though did look a bit small, especially if you have some big plates of dishes. They have a more general area in the front for bigger parties, but that was booked so they squeezed us into one of the larger tables deep inside the seating area. For eight, it was a tight fit. Service though was excellent, as we had a very boisterous, attentive and talkative waitress. Timing of the food was spot on, as each time a new plate or two came, the earlier one was ready for clearing away. Ordering was left to one who had been there and had a sense of the portion sizes (which turned out to be quite large), which included some calamari (nice and light, not too thickly battered to disguise the squid), platters which had Greek salad (average), lamb souvlaki (nicely cooked, but could have used some more flavor), spanakopita (decent), moussaka (finally some more flavor) and some very boring rice. What surprised me the most was that there was pizza on the menu, and one off the 'Greek' side was chosen, topped with lots of goat cheese and carrying over the flavors from the moussaka - some nice eggplant - all on a thin crust. This was probably my favorite thing on our table, and further added to my surprise to find it at a Greek joint. I'd probably go back to maybe try some other things on the menu, but likely more so for another crack at a pizza...

            1. re: jay_kay

              Welcome to the joy of Greek pizza! I can't go to Sympatico without ordering the Hearty Arty (although the sweet basil ribs mentioned upthread sound great too). Thanks for the heads up on the pies at Candia -- will have to give them a try.