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Jun 23, 2007 11:45 AM

Demi-glace aka Concentré de Volaille/Viande etc., Sources in Montreal? Brands in Canada?

The best commercially marketed source for concentrated stocks in the US, Aromont, no longer carries their old French-made products.

Elsewhere I have been trying to find something comparable. A few months ago in Paris I purchased two Belgian-manufactured Nestle concentrés that while better than anything I have found in the States are still inferior to the best Aromont used to carry.

Is there any shop in Montreal that might have a special selection? What brands are available? I know the gourmet shop in Atwater Market. I doubt the Le marché des saveurs in the Jean Talon market would have anything like what I am seeking. It may very well be a food shop that specializes in French imports.

In Montreal supermarkets I regularly buy the Knorr Bovril bouillon concentrates (beef and chicken), half liter size, which I have not seen in the States and are far superior to dry bouillon cubes, but they are inferior to a true demi-glace that is made from a reduction of roast meat, bones, vegetables, and spices and in the case of Nestle concentrés, a baffling array of chemicals.

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  1. The Académie Culinaire in Old Montreal used to sell their own demi-glace in their little boutique/restaurant. It's been a while since I've been by there so I don't know if they still do, but it could be worth a call:

    Académie Culinaire de Montréal
    360, Champ-de-Mars
    Tél. : (514) 393-8111

    Boutique hours: Mon-Thurs - 11h00 - 19h00
    Fri & Sat - 9h00 à 17h00
    Closed Sundays

    1. Am not sure whether you're talking about genuine demi-glace or some sort of concentrate. Upscale butchers tend to carry house-made stocks and demi-glaces. Check the freezer compartment. I usually buy mine at La Boucherie du marché (just east of Chez Louis at Jean Talon Market) or Anjou-Québec (currently closed for renovations). Have also seen them at the Maison du rôti (currently closed following a fire).

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        Actually I am interested in both. But I suspect that the artisanal variety may be more difficult to get across the frontier. Furthermore the frozen version may not survive the five hour trip home, even with a few ice packs in a cooler.

        Anjou-Quebec certainly needed renovation. I checked out the place a few years ago and it seemed a sorry sight. I am planning a visit to the J-T market so La Boucherie du marché is on my list. Is the Maison du rôti located on Mont-Royal street a few blocks west of Papineau? They did have an amazing variety of meats and savory pies, a pity they got too roasted.

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          I think I heard, that Au Pied de Cochon restaurant sells their own demi-glace at the front.