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Jun 23, 2007 10:44 AM

Go Raw Cafe | Bird N Bones BBQ - Las Vegas

First of all, are there any Las Vegas locals on the Southwest board?

Secondly, I ran a search on both of these and didn't find any related posts. Perhaps I searched for the wrong terms?

Anyway, I'm surprised there has been no mention of Go Raw Cafe or Bird N Bones here.

I can only comment on the first and say it's well-worth a visit especially for lunch. The cafe sits on a man-made lake with indoor and outdoor seating. It makes for a very pleasant environment on a sunny afternoon. The food, which is all raw and vegetarian, is the perfect answer to the Las Vegas heat because it is mostly served cold (or room temperature). All of it is 100% fresh, made on site with the highest quality ingredients. Lots of organic choices and inventive dishes. I've had their sampler plates without any disappointment at all. You haven't had a smoothie until you've had one at Go Raw - they come large and hearty with a blend of flavor & textures you can actually chew or sip and savor. My favorite is #16 (Pineapple, Banana, Macadamia, Date, Coconut Water & Flesh) but go with your own preferences. My boyfriend is not into health food and shudders at the word "organic" or vegetarian and he secretly loves this place. So don't be afraid to try it if this is not normally your thing. You'll be hard pressed to find something you don't like. Desserts are also flawless (the selection varies by day - their "cheesecake" is very close to the real thing).

Go Raw Cafe
(702) 254-5382
2910 Lake East Drive, Las Vegas, NV
Open 9AM to 9PM Mon.-Sat
Closed Sundays

Now, about Bird N Bones, has anyone ventured there at all?

Bird N Bones bills itself as "authentic Texas Pit Barbeque that has made its way to Las Vegas via the Virgin Islands" run by James Beard Star Chef honoree Bill Collins.

Any comments or recommendations on this?

Bird N Bones
3799 East Desert Inn Road
Las Vegas, NV
(702) 451-7790


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  1. Hey arco! I too am a LV local.
    I haven't heard any reports about Bird n' Bones, but it sounds great...
    we may have to venture over there sometime.
    My girlfriends love Go Raw too!

    1. I'm a LV local, and have driven by Bird N Bones on Desert Inn a few times. The place seems busy enough, but i've not stopped inside to get some BBQ -yet-. That should change soon enough, i've been craving some good 'que. My hubby's just not into it like I am, so I'll have to get it on my own. We generally hit the Hush Puppy for their baby-back ribs, which are fantastic.

      Thanks for the heads-up on these places, i'll post back once I give BNB's a try!

      1. Okay, I got food to go from B&B's tonite. The combo of 1/2 a chicken, and pork shoulder. Sides were candied yams and french fries, and cornbread.

        The smell walking into the place was -heavenly-. I asked for both sauces, so I could compare. They have a regular, and spicy version. The drive home was sheer torture, when the delicious wafting aroma of smoked pork would hit my nose. Snacked on the french fries as I drove..*LOL* They were unsalted, (booo) and medium-cut. The oil used to fry them tasted really clean, they must have just changed it fairly recently- or have a second fryer to do their fried catfish. It occourred to me, while snacking on them..Some french fries have almost a "nothing" taste- it's more about mouth-feel and texture. The outside was fairly crispy, but the inside was fluffy/creamy. Really gratifying at the moment, even without salt on them.

        Once I got home, I looked at my meal. By appearance, everything looked fantastic. LOTS of pulled pork shoulder, some in bigger chunks, some finely shredded. Good amount of pink smoke thru and thru, and darker, crispier outside/skin.

        The chicken looked GREAT. Lots of what the house-spices seemed to be, rubbed all on the skin, and it had a good texture there. BUT..The meat of the chicken was terribly dry. Thank god for the sauces! They helped 110% improve how dry it was. The flavor was very "chicken-y", and had it been a bit juicier...A real hit.

        The pork shoulder...*swoons* I love pulled pork, and this was really delicious. Super-juicy, it didn't need any sauce to be tasty and a winner. The sauces B&B's does are quite tasty, if not perfect for their BBQ. I liked the spicy version personally better than the regular. It was savory, sweet, tangy and spicy, all at once. Really well-balanced on the flavors. I could taste the rooster sauce, vinegar and a bit of was seemed like tomato paste in it. I thought it went perfectly with the pork- and saved the dry chicken. VERY VERY satisfying!

        The sides were okay. Got the candied yams, they were at least better than my family's!! Thry weren't drowning in goopy mollasses, it was a light glaze, with cinnamon and nutmeg. Pretty good. Fries were average. I personally didn't care for the cornbread they made. A bit more on the savory side, I should have slathered butter and honey on them..I'm sure that would have done the trick!

        If you live on the side of town B&B's is on, they are worth the visit. Since they are close to me, I know i'll be going back. The pork shoulder's too good not to have again!

        1. Alas, Bird N Bones is no more. Las Vegas continues to be a difficult place for longevity, unless you are part of a chain.

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            Yes, I noticed they closed when I drove past them about 2 weeks ago. A shame, they were good.