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Jun 23, 2007 10:26 AM

Looking for not-so-pricey cool in Downtown LA or Echo Park area

Hi, I'm going to the Police show tonight at Dodger's stadium (Sat). The concert starts at 6:30 - ouch - so, we were looking for a place near the stadium - I thought downtown area, or maybe Echo Park area. Hopefully something a bit cool, a bit hip, hopefully design-y interior, that 1) would be open 5:00ish, 2) would have decent food, and 3) wouldn't be too expensive. Whew, tall order. Thanks!

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  1. Pho Cafe on Sunset at Silver Lake Blvd. probably fills all those requirements, but it's mostly pho and spring rolls. Also Rambutan next door to Pho Cafe. Gingergrass might work, check the hours.
    And there's always the Brite Spot - hip, yet ugly inside.

    1. Thanks! I was also thinking of a place post-concert for drinks, maybe downtown?!? Also, re dinner - we weren't thinking necessarily of inexpensively - paying up to 20-25 area for entrees, so that might give a few more options....Chris

      1. Rudolpho's at Fletcher & Riverside.............Happy Hour starts at 4, even on weekends!

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          Rudolpho's would be fine for drinks, but food is mediocre and certainly not hip. Redwood downtown is good for drinks, but expect it to be packed. There's a zillion other choices for drinks Downtown -- Hop Li and Mountain Bar in Chinatown, Seven Grand and Edison if you want to go fancy, Library Bar might be a bit calmer, Royal Clayton's might be fun. For food, it seems like Little Tokyo or Chinatown might be good choices.

        2. red lion inn on glendale blvd.