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Jun 23, 2007 09:45 AM

MSP-Exotic Sodas

I'm looking for a market to get foreign sodas like Italian- San Pellegrino Limonata, archinata. Mexican-Jarritos and Jamaican-Ting. Any ideas where I can find these?

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  1. Jarritos is everywhere in my neighborhood. Just stop in any Mexican grocery on East Lake between Nicollet and Hiawatha or on Nicollet between Lake and 60th. Actually, most of the little stores have it, not just the Mexican ones.

    I think San Pellegrino Limonata is at the Lunds in Uptown, but I'm not 100% positive.

    1. The Mexican grocery in the southeast corner of Midtown Global Market (I don't remember the name of the little grocery, sorry) carries Inca Kola. I think they carry a few other sodas, too. As Churchka says, the Jarritos are everywhere on Lake Street, including in that little grocery in MGMkt.

      There's also a stand in MGMkt that carries some Jamaican jerk sauces, etc. (they also sell clothing, so, you have to look a little harder for it because it's not immediately obvious that they sell food products at all), but they might sell Ting or know who does.

      Good luck. Report back!


      1. Churchka is right - Jarritos is everywhere. I'll bet it's even at Cub - try the one at the Hi-Lake shopping center (near the Target). For a good selection of other Mexican soda, try El Burrito Mercado in St. Paul.

        For Ting and Jamaican ginger beer, go to one of the Carribean markets in town. Trouble is, I can't remember any names or addresses... There's a cute little one on East Lake Street (across the street from a big auto parts store). There's also a little market next to the Jamaica Jamaica restaurant at Bloomington & 36th (or 37th). And you can always buy individual bottles from West Indies Soul (St. Paul and Midtown Global Market).

        For San Pellegrino, try Buon Giorno in Lilydale or Cossetta's in downtown St. Paul.

        For real fun, check out the Asian sodas at United Noodle. You can get flavors like lychee, green melon, peach, and "blue ramune". I love Ramune pop - it comes in a twisted bottle with a marble stopper in the top.


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          Thanks for the suggestions. I was on my way to Town Talk Diner which is excellent by the way and stopped at The Tropical Food market On Lake and 34th. They had Ting. It was $26 for a case and it's only 9 ounces per bottle but I was happy to find it. I stopped at Cub and got a case of Jarritos Toronja for $20...I'm sure I could find it cheaper but you can't find it everywhere. Does anyone have suggestions for other sour soda/fruit drinks? I heard San Pellegrino makes an Isreali grapefruit and a bloody orange soda that are excellent but haven't seen them.

        2. Ting is always available at West Indies Soul on University. They probably have it at their Midtown Global Market location as well. Others are right on about Jarritos, it is everywhere, including my local Cub.