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Jun 23, 2007 09:10 AM

Best prices on pink grapefruit

Just got back from months in the Bahamas, where I lived near a pink grapefruit farm. I have a serious addiction to them--2-3/day.

Half of what I buy here are not very good. I can improve my percentages by sticking with certain Korean markets.


They were $1.29 a few months they're $1.79, and Fresh Direct wants $2.29 each (5 for $10).

I never had time for greenmarkets before, but I've started learning the ropes, for produce in general. Any ideas for sources of pink grapefruit?

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  1. How many do you need? Can you buy and share with a friend, etc.? I usually just order them directly from Mack's Grove's in Florida.

    You might want to try Chinatown (hit or miss sometimes with citrus fruits, almost always cheapest in the city) or Chelsea Market's produce shop.

    Greenmarkets only have local, seasonal produce & fruits (now strawberries are in season).

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      Try Stiles Market on the corner of 41st Street and 9th Ave. Quality and price are pretty decent but probably not nearly what you'd get living right near a grapefruit farm.

      1. re: fsd1116

        Thanks for the tips. I know nothing will match one fresh off the tree, but "pretty good" is fine.

        I may end up having them shipped, but it's good to know 3 places to look.

    2. I found some really good ones for a dollar each at the Food Emporium in Union Square. I just bought a couple from a vendor on 41st and Madison for 50 cents each. Great price but the quality was definitely lacking.

      1. You can forget about the greenmarkets entirely, vendors are not allowed to simply re-sell stuff they don't grow or produce.