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Jun 23, 2007 08:42 AM


I checked for recent posts about Roy's, but it's from over a year ago. I have a gift card and a babysitter for tonight... what's the word on Roy's? My sister went about 4 years ago and said it was great, but the posts I read are pretty lukewarm. Has much changed? Thanks!

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  1. We go to Roy's every couple of months and we usually like it. We don't think anything has changed -- we just enjoy their food and the atmosphere. We usually eat fish when we eat out (and at home too).

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    1. re: Beulah

      It's decent...I wouldn't call it fantastic, but if you have a gift certificate, why not? The ribs can be dry; stick to fish. I've had good mahi mahi there...

    2. I've only been to the one in Tampa. But, we've always had an excellent meal (especially for a chain). We always get fish & seafood too.

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        Roy's can be fun if you keep it in perspective. It is a chain and is decent. If I had a gift certificate I'd use it there.

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          Me too, for a chain it's pretty good. I have to admit that their molten chocolate lava cake is great. If I remember correctly, Roy's version is the one that kind of popularized that dessert in mediocre restaurants nationwide.

      2. jfood likes roy's (and jfood is not a big chain resto person) and have eaten at the philly location several times. he usually sits at the bar overlooking the kitchen and shmoozes with the cooks.

        jfood thinks the ribs can be a little sweet for many people so be careful when you order them that you understand. likewise, although the mneu states that the combo app is for two or more they always make a single for jfood when he is dining solo.

        it's a pretty reliable spot and the service that jfood has experienced has been excellent.

        Make sure you save room for the molten chocolate cake dessert. it's outstanding

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