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Jun 23, 2007 08:33 AM

Taco Rey De Oro Truck in Woodside

Finally tried the new truck on Roosevelt Ave. in Woodside last night - and I think I found my favorite tacos! I had lengua and tried some of my BF's chorizo and al pastor. My lengua was as I like - tortillas perfectly toasted (not on a grease), meats perfectly seasoned and grilled with just enough burnt ends, topped with chopped onions and cilantro. For the self-serve toppings, besides regular marinated jalapenos from a jar, they also had (homemade?) jalapenos roasted with onions - yum! Have not tried their salsas, as the tacos were so delish I felt no need for sauces. Highly recommend.
Besides tacos, they offer huarraches and tortas. Small operation, very small truck, few meat toppings - but very good.
The truck is parked on Roosevelt late nights in front of 99 cent store between 63rd and 64th everyday except for Tuesday IIRC (will ask again).

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  1. I think this is the same truck that's parked most nights outside of the 52nd street 7 stop, they're there untill 4 sometimes. Maybe they've moved up a few blocks? For a year now I've been regularly getting their Carnitas tacos with hot sauce...some of the best I've ever had.

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      I think they're actually 2 different trucks with the same name, as I've seen them in operation at the same time while driving up Roosevelt.. A taco truck chain perhaps?

      I still often go to the very popular truck on Queens Blvd. near Natural Tofu in Sunnyside, since it's right on my way home from work and I can usually park right there, but now that I've heard good reports on them I'll have to check out these trucks closer to home.

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        I was going to start a new thread but figure this is good enough...have you, or anyone else, had food from the two places on 58th st btween Queens Blvd and Roosevelt/Woodside, basically right around the corner from Donovans? I need to find a place close by that isn't a late night truck. De Mole and Jackson Heights are too far and Tamal's new grill disapointed.

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          I had takeout from one of those joints (sorry, i don't recall which) and recall it being good. You should also consider the place across from the post office on 61st st, north of Roosevelt. I've had good cemitas poblanas there, and they have birria on the weekends.

          1. re: Joe MacBu

            Yeah, I asked about that a few weeks ago on another thread. I've never seen anybody in there! I'll definitely try both.

    2. I tried the truck at Roosevelt and 63rd the other night, and yes, it's pretty good. The carnitas were better than most, but still flawed, but then I think most all carnitas I've had in NYC is flawed. I'll have to find that Fogoncito truck (that parked at the same location a few years ago) again to see if their carnitas is still good. The lengua is also pretty good. Unlike all the blah taco trucks that grill most things from the raw marinated state, the women at Rey de Oro pre-prepare their items, like the carnitas (which by definition should be), and the lengua, which seemed like it was roasted, maybe braised, or cooked in some other fashion, and then cut up and finished up on the flat grill. Since Rey de Oro is nearby, I'm sure I'll make some stops, but whenever I'm in the mood for tacos, I'll still go to Coatzingo.

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        i'm also curious about the trucks that are open during the DAY, not just at night. there's one on 46th st b/t queens blvd and greenpoint ave, near the 46th subway station. any word?

        i believe there's another one b/t 47th and 48th ave, on... perhaps like 45th street or so?


      2. [back to Taco Rey de Oro truck on Roosevelt x 63rd, which is almost as close to my apartment as Sripraphai] i've gotten huaraches a couple of times (both carnitas and el pastor; i'm a girl who loves her pork) and been very pleased. they aren't like the giant ones that you get at the ballfields or at Coatzingo, as they are just a little larger than a taco, and they don't come with beans on them (i asked if they had any frijoles, and they said no), but they are tasty! the masa is good, the meat is good, and the addition of the toppings, including the crema and the crumbly white cheese is muy sabroso. lettuce, cilantro, onions, and their salsa verde make for a great treat, for only $2.50.

        i could try a taco sometime, but it'd be hard not to order the huarache.


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          I've tried lots of the taco trucks, but the one on Roosevelt/52nd is my favorite. That said, it hasn't been there the last few days. Anyone know what's up?

          1. re: twerp88

            It was there last night! I went around 11, several hours earlier than I usually used to go, and it was crazy busy. I don't know if it was the Puerto Rico Day Parade or what but there were dozens of people stopping by getting entire orders for families. I'm used to going at 2 am and seeing a few stragglers getting a taco or two! The truck was actually different, but it was the same people.

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              ok, thanks. I was having a bit of a taco-freak-out.