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Jun 23, 2007 08:18 AM

outdoor dining in Baltimore

Can anyone recommend the best restaurants with outside patios in the Baltimore area. This time of year when the weather is nice we love sitting outside. We had dinner last week at the Ambassador - the setting was beautiful but the service was outrageously bad.

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  1. Baltimore is sorely lacking in decent outside dining-- either the patio is nice but the food and atmosphere questionable (Bay Cafe, Nick's), or its just another tourist trap (McCormick and Schmick, every other place on the Harbor). These are my fallbacks-

    The Wine Market, for the whole package-- good food, beautiful patio, above average service (nine times out of ten). I recommend going during the week.

    Bicycle has a lovely outside patio in back, with interesting eclectic cuisine ($$). Definitely make a reservation.

    Rub, for a few casual drinks and apps-- it is not usually crowded, since it is out of the way, but the backless stools do not lend themselves to a serious evening meal.

    Little Havana, for the same thing but with more comfortable seating-- again, during the week is best, as you can lounge for longer without being annoyed by drunken happyhour-ers.

    A few places in Fells have nice tables outside- i.e. Ale Mary's, Peter's Inn-- but nothing you would call a patio.

    that's my two cents, I am sure there are some I have missed... =)

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      I think the 'view' at Little Havana's is horrible, i feel like i'm in a detention center somewhere...all that barbed wire fencing and cement!
      I'm a big outdoor dining fan but hate sitting 'in traffic' for fear of flying cars and fumes and noise, so the following have been my fallbacks:
      Arcos on Broadway
      Wine Market
      LP Steamer's Top Deck
      4.East Madison - i think they only do lunch, it's a little garden behind the BnB, cute, cheap and sandwichey sort of (limited) menu.
      Three * - was just there this weekend and LOVE that they have outside seating, overlooking the park, no less!
      B in Bolton Hill has one of the best, all those trees and architecture!

      1. re: aussiewonder

        There are plenty of flying cars on Baltimore St. where Three is, although I expect the outdoor tables are on Linwood where the traffic isn't quite as bad.

        1. re: Hal Laurent

          exactly. plus the pavement is slightly wider than say, canton square, so you have just that extra inch to hop in order to clear diners :)

    2. Gertrude's at the Baltimore Museum of Art. Nice atmosphere, very good food.

      1. Suzie Soba has a nice little patio out back and some pleasant light asian food.

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          Seconded! I really like the Suzie Soba patio, and it is one of the only outdoor eating places in Hamden and Roland Park. Definitely worth a trip.

          The Charles Village Donna's also has some nice outdoor seating, but I haven't been since they revamped the menu so I can't speak on the food.

          I like Little Havana's too -- I can kind of take or leave the food (although I love love love the donuts with chocolate sauce at brunch) but I like the drinks and the atmosphere.

        2. Donna's in Cross Keys has a nice patio. It is back from the traffic of falls road, and it provides some greenery. For a more urban feel, there is Tapas Teatro's sidewalk tables. They are by the train station. There is good energy there, but there's also plenty of cars and noise.

          Back a few year ago when Charles Street was closed down due to bridge repairs, Tapas Teatro's outdoor seating was great. Most thought the road closure would doom the resturant, which just recently opened; however, it made the place and especially the sidewalk tables really great. It was kind of a shame when the bridge work was done and the traffic came back. .

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            Tapas Teatro in the evenings isn't too bad. Went there mid-week back in the fall during a warm night and had a great time there.

            Arcos on Broadway in Upper Fells Point has a great outdoor courtyard for some tasty Mexican.

            The Jay's line of restaurants has some wonderful outdoor seating in front of XS and the rest. Great spot for casual eating and people watching.

            Strapazza in Towson sets up outdoor tables on the sidewalk. The food is decent and the setting is nice at night.

            For something a little nicer in Towson, Cafe Troia has outdoor tables this time of year. Never eaten there myself but have always heard good things.

            In a month or two, the upcoming Woodberry Kitchen is planning on having outdoor seating. That promises to be a wonderful experience at the Clipper Mill project.

          2. The newest issue of baltimore magazine has a list of 10 places. From what I remember - most have been mentioned.

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            1. re: foster

              Here's the list:

              Ambassadors Dining Room
              The Bicycle
              the Oregon Grille
              The Black Olive
              The Wine Market
              Crepe Du Jour