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Jun 23, 2007 07:50 AM

Five guys near JHU?

Where is the closest Five Guys Burgers to JHU? We're going on a college tour (Homewood campus) and would love to try these burgers. We'll be coming from BWI.

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  1. I believe there is one right downtown in Inner Harbor on Pratt Street - that is maybe 15 minutes from Hopkins.

    1. Location wise the closest is the one on W Centre between Park and Cathedral. If you take 295 into the city I think you could exit off of MLK onto Centre. However taste wise I think that the on in the Inner Harbor is better.

      1. I think you may be setting yourself up for a disapointment. 5 Guys make a good burger, but it is just a burger. I doubt it will be that much better than a burger you get back home.

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          Agreed- depends where you are, but just about every burger short of McDonald's and Burger King is better than what 5 guys is now serving- they are a model of overexpansion and declining quality.

        2. I agree with everyone else, so far. You're probably setting yourself up for a bit of a disapointment. Five Guys is good, and yes, you can find them in the Pratt Street Pavillion; but there are some better local burgers to be had in Baltimore. Bill Bateman's, (On York Road, near Towson University, 10 minutes north of campus) perish the thought, makes a decent burger. Helen's Garden, in Canton Square makes an incredible burger (bacon cheese, topped with an apricot chutney). Even Charles Village Pub (on St. Paul, around the corner from campus, ask anyone on or near JHU campus and they'll get you there) makes a tasty bar burger.

          5 Guys is a place to go for the novelty.

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            A Big Daddy Pub Burger at CVP is great. Been a few years since I've had one, but I remember the trick was to never put it down- it falls apart b/c its so juicy if you do.

            I still really like 5 Guys, the problem is the inconsistency between the various franchises. Some have soggy fries, some press all the juices out of the burgers, some give you the true 5 Guys experience.

            1. re: dwbengals

              Ahh, CVP. Glad to see they are still cranking out quality bar food.

              Perhaps the OP should try Alonso's in what is now known as -- how can I even type this? -- Alonsoville on West Cold Spring Lane? It's just a few minutes north of campus, off N. Charles St. Or is their legendary burger no longer any good?

              1. re: Bob W

                I find the Alonso burger to be more about size than flavor. There comes a point where bigger isn't better.

                Donna's at Cross Keys, which is pretty close to JHU does a good kobe beef burger. it served with fried onions and a peppercorn aioli.

          2. There is a Five Guys on Boston Street down in Canton. They have a parking lot so it might be easier than the inner harbor and the distance it not much farther.