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Jun 23, 2007 07:26 AM

anybody been to jekyll and hyde uptown lately?

i have a date tomorrow and no amount of convincing will get her to go to uncle nicks lol. she has her heart set on J&H. what id like to know is -has anyone been there lately? how is the food quality and how are the prices? my sixth sense tells me that its an overrated tourist trap but i want to hear from my fellow chowhounders first.

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  1. I went, it must be, over 10 years ago. It was pretty much that, a haunted mansion with bleh food, and you're paying for their steep rent with every drink. The only thing I'd say is, I'd be tempted to steer her towards the one downtown (if it's still open) because then you'd have some nice dessert places and streets to walk around after.

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      I concur with Midtown Jimmi. We've been to both locations because our kids and their friends still find the place a blast but for a date I'd encourage the downtown location on Halloween for more adult fun.

      The food is nothing to rush to (typical theme/chain fare) and the "show" is the same every to a first timer it's a bit of a wow factor...expect the servers to try and sell you a few J&H trinkets.