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Jun 23, 2007 06:48 AM

Rotisserie Portugalia

I've been reading about this place, and I'd like to go there when I'm in Montreal next month, but I'm a little confused about the logistics. Is it take-out only, or are the tables? Although I love roast chicken, I don't consider it the ideal picnic food- it's just a little too messy. Also, is it really necessary to call in your order an hour before you get there? I'd prefer to see the menu before ordering.

If it is only take-out, can anyone suggest a good substitute that has tables?

Thanks in advance.

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  1. There are some tables, but they are there mostly for convenience, ie no decor, view, service or lingering, and it helps if you speak Portuguese and have perfected your poker face. Personally, I am too intimidated to eat there. On weekends, you need to call in your roast chicken order 1 or 2 days before, although if you want a roast pork sandwich they will make it to order - but don't expect any friendly bantering. LOL, I can't even imagine how they would react if you ask to see the menu.

    Romados has 3 tables and a few stools. If you want a proper restaurant experience there are many Portuguese restos that do a roast chicken in that area, names escape me but they have been discussed on this board before.

    1. "Although I love roast chicken, I don't consider it the ideal picnic food- it's just a little too messy."

      'Cept it's not roast chicken, it's grilled, which makes it a little less messy -- nothing a wet wipe can't take care of. FWIW, the endless banquet people suggest a take-out double whammy: pick up your bird, pop over to Patati Patata for an order of fries and hot-foot it to the park for a picnic. Sounds good to me. Throw in a bottle of wine or a six pack and you've got the makings of a party.

      Mavi, up in Côte-des-Neiges, has excellent piri piri chicken and tables -- including a couple outside -- but it's not exactly centrally located.

      1. Here is an older thread on Portuguese restos. I mentioned Braseiro, another good, family-type place, but it is up in Villeray - it is very close to parc Jarry though. I know that park is better-known for sports and athletics, but there is a part with a lot of trees and benches, for picnics.

        Of course you can take out, but Braseiro is mostly an "eat-in" restaurant.

        1. I used to eat at Portugalia regularly a few years back when I lived in the area. There's a small dining room next to the "kitchen" that is reasonably comfortable, and I've found the proprietors to be friendly if not exactly outgoing.

          Ask for a menu. Order a beer. Don't be intimidated. And there's a lot more than chicken - the spareribs and steak are excellent.

          If you want similar food at a somewhat higher price point but in a more elegant atmosphere, I strongly recommend Janos on St. Lawrence near Bagg. It may be cheek-to-jowl seating but the food is great. Get the Portuguese fries.

          1. What with the name of the restaurant? Was it originally a Portuguese rottiserie chicken place?