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Jun 22, 2007 11:15 PM

cappucino @ hurontario and traders/aldridge

Hey Hounds. I am DYING for gourmet coffees and cappucinos and lattes ... speciality coffees, I guess ... and after moving to this location, I cant seem to find a nearby location to help my fix. Theres a Tim Horton's at the corner of Brittania and Hurontario, but thats not what I'm looking for either. Is there a Second Cup, or Starbucks, or Timothy's.. or an independent coffee place nearby that anyone know of? Theres regular coffee within our building, but its not that great!!!

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  1. I like brewing some Kicking Horse Coffee when I'm at home. You can find it at Zehr's now i think.

    1. There's a Second Cup at Hurontario and Eglinton, south-east corner in that plaza where there's a big Food Basics, and a Kinkos. I've not tried that particular outlet, but I have found that Second Cup, although my favourite for coffee, between the different outlets, is inconsistent. The one in Streetsville, I find to be good. The one in Port Credit, not so good, and the few times I was at the one on Mavis, south of Burnhamthorpe, at Central Parkway, the service was terrible. There may be a coffee place in that smaller plaza on the north-east corner of Eg-Hurontario. It'd be worth a look see, and check out the quality. I'd be interested to hear what you find about other cafes in the area.


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        Violabratsche covered the waterfront.Real estate realities structure the coffee shortage: there's no street frontage or cheap strip mall space in your area(Orlando owns it all nearly!).All I can suggest is little Lazio Bakery at Heritage Hills+Eglinton--your basic Italian bakery with espresso bar+hot table+sandwiches+deli but no sit-down area. It's a short drive away. The Second Cup at Hurontario+Eglinton is so-so for product+service.

      2. oh good news!! ... after passing by the brittania/hurontario intersection a few times now.. ive noticed the COMING SOON, STARBUCKS sign!!! yaaaaaaaay. its at the north west corner, diagonal to the timmy ho's..