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Jun 22, 2007 09:38 PM

Help me choose!!!

So my birthday is coming up and my lovely partner says he'll take me out anywhere I want to go to celebrate, and money is no object. I suppose that should make my choice relatively easy, but it really actually complicates things because there's so much to choose from!

Anyway, I've narrowed it down to a couple of options and I wanted my fellow hounds' opinions on which option would be the most "optimal" use of the occasion.

Option 1 is Splendido, of course. I'm eager to try it after hearing so many rave reviews about the food and the service.

Option 2 is a combination of a less "extraordinary" but still noteworthy restaurant for a main course and then a dessert tasting menu at Perigee afterwards. So, for example, JKWB for dinner and then Perigee for the dessert tasting menu. This has the benefit of being able to check out two restaurants!

But if I go with option 2, what would you choose as the restaurant for the main meal? Lee? Amuse Bouche? Marben? Trevor? Preferably a restaurant that is NOT participating in Summerlicious.

I suppose the difficulty I have in choosing is that I'm open to just about anything so long as I there is good food involved. So atmosphere can be either lively or romantic. I'm not picky about the kind of cuisine being served. I can do either a tasting menu or a la carte.

I think possibly the only restrictions would be that we want to stay downtown and we want food that complements wine well (i.e., not Indian or Chinese).

So which option would you choose??

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  1. I cant imagine how you would choose. For me, to help narrow it down, I would have to decide whether my preference is for 2 restos or not. And then I would need to figure out the type/ambience I am seeking in the resto. Of course my favorite resto is sushi kaji (over splendido by about 3 to 2).

    I think I would leave perigee for a dessert evening at some other time. Because if I were to have dinner with wine prior, I would risk having the room/appetite for full appreciation of the dessert tasting.

    Does it have to be in Toronto? ; )

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      Looks like Juniper does not care much about ambience and type of cuisine as long as she can eat good food with good wine pairing and non-chinese indian.

      I agree on dropping option 2 on exactly the same concern and it will be too rush to do 2 good one on the same night. Well, I guess it is doable to have some tapas at JKWB or some courses at Colborne Lane and then head for Perigee. But I would rather have a relaxing night out on such a occasion.

      So I will pick option 1 to experience the whole package from your two options.

      Or some of the following alternatives :
      1. Susur - hands down best adventurous food for non-chinese cuisine (better than Splendido) IMO.
      2. Colborne Lane - Casual dining with a HIGH price tag. Interesting combinations. I like their rare tuna with wasabi foam and frozen soy sauce, also the venison crudo salad is very colourful and refreshing. Or do the Colborne Lane+ Perigee combo if you like.

      ***Try to stay away from Lee, Trevor***

      Just my two cents on optimizing the use of the occasion, or maybe I should say maximizing the spending of your partner.

    2. I've heard that Perigee is eliminating the dessert tasting menu soon, so you might want to check that with them ahead of time.

      1. Juniper,

        Go with Splendido. And do give us a full review. I'll be very interested to read about your experience.


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        1. re: Splendid Wine Snob

          Thanks, everyone, for your thoughts. So it looks like Splendido is the choice that you are all advocating... and I was leaning towards that anyway, since I'm not sure how much a can truly eat and enjoy if I were to get ambitious and do a meal and the dessert tasting menu at Perigee. Mind you, if Jacquilynne is correct and Perigee is looking to discontinue the dessert tasting menu, I should definitely make a note to check it out soon if it isn't already gone... dessert is, after all, the most important food group. Anyway, I hope to have a full review of Splendido for you next week.