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Jun 22, 2007 09:09 PM

Barney's Beanery WH....Ugh!

Last week I took my 3 kids to Barney's Beanery in West Hollywood for my birthday lunch.
What a mistake!
We arrived around noon to a mostly empty dining room. After 15 minutes we finally placed our drink orders, it took another 10 minutes to get them, plus two of the 4 drinks were wrong. Another 10 minutes and we placed our orders, 15 more and the appetizer plate showed up missing two of the dips. By the time they brought the missing items we had eaten the food. We wait another 20 minutes for our entrees and two of the four are wrong. My son had ordered the chicken fried steak dinner but they brought it without the potatoes or vegetables, my sampler platter had corn on the cob which just came out of the refrigerator, no chili on the chili fries and no guacamole or sour cream.
It gets worse. My son tried the chicken fried steak and said it tasted bad, I tried it, it was rancid. How can a restaurant serve spoiled food? I waved down the waitress and told her of our problems and she took my food and my sons. Another ten minutes goes by and she brings out a plate of mashed potatoes for my son, and my food. It looked like they shoved the whole platter in the microwave just to warm up the corn, it was inedible.
They brought another CFS for my son but he looked at them like they were crazy to think he would try it again. And we didn't get refills on our drinks.
To finish the story we waited so long for the check that my kids went outside to wait. The waitress brought the check and made a big deal about taking off the two inedible entrees. We had put an hour and forty five minutes on the parking meter and it had run out by the time we left. $45 dollars for the worst Birthday lunch ever.

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  1. I can relate. I went once a few years back and vowed never to return. I had the same experience with the service and the food, just plain awful. the weirest thing happened. They forgot to give me fries with my entree, then after I asked, they brought out a batch of not fully cooked fries (some pieces were still frozen w/ice crystals and all)...I don't know how that could have happened.

    1. Oh, you poor thing. I had forgotten that place even existed even though I drive by all the time. Let this serve as a warning to all others - DON'T GO THERE. IT'S A PIT.

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        Yea, the joint is to be avoided at all costs...I will not even go in for a cold beer as I pass through the neighborhood, and I drink it bottled!!

        1. re: nyfoodjoe

          One other weird thing, about halfway through our "meal" about a dozen firemen sat down for lunch. Aren't cops and firemen supposed to know the best places to eat?
          I hope they're OK.

          1. re: Dad4Three

            Wow, that sounds horrible. I've been going to Barney's for over 20 years, and occasionally have had an 'off' day, but nothing like that. It is a 'dump,' but for me, that's part of the charm. I actually like the food I've ordered (usually the Tijuana burger).

      2. I know someone that works as a waitress there. She refuses to eat the food, or drink the beer. She told me cleanliness is not management's top priority. or second Priority...or third

        1. People, people, people... Barney's Beanery is famous only for being a dive bar that was incorpated in to the installation art of Ed Kienholtz about 30 years ago, no one has ever talked about the food.

          Check this out:

          1. Wow! Ok, so I agree, sometimes Barney's is a little slow in the orders, but I think the food overall is ok. Personally, I like the pizzas. It may be a dive bar, but the food here - and the menu of most other places considered at the same level- Barney's is much better than most!