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Jun 22, 2007 08:51 PM

Supper, Perbacco or better idea?

I'm looking to take my husband out for a reasonable great Italian meal with good wines and romantic atmosphere (outside seating a plus). I've heard great things Supper & Perbacco and wondering if you guys can help me make a to all your suggestions..thanks guys!

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  1. I've done both and my preference is Perbacco. Both have equally excellent wines, but Perbacco has excellent variety and the execution is a notch above Supper. Perbacco has an assortment of tapas-like plates, ranging from arancini, tasty salads, and carpaccio. The focus is generally on seasonal produce and artisanal cheeses and meats, and the menu items change frequently to reflect that. In addition, they have a number of great pasta (primi) and secondi items. I also like the general atmosphere of Perbacco better - it's more intimate, and the open front door/window is especially nice in the summer.

    Supper is good for the assortment of pasta (including a risotto of the day) but not too much more than that. Okay if you're looking for something quick and reasonable.

    1. I was in a similar situation about two weeks ago and I decided to try barbone. I am a big fan of Perbacco, but if you are looking for something more romantic, barbone is better. The garden in the back is really pleasant, the food is comparable in quality to perbacco (although very different). Barbone doesn't have the variety of wines that perbacco has, but they have good deals on quartinos of wine. I have also had mixed expriences with the waiting staff at Perbacco. When it gets too busy, service can be a little iffy and the place becomes a lot less intimate. Barbone would be my choice ( or it was my choice and would be again). Anyways, good luck.

      1. I would try Perbacco, but it is best early and late. The selection of wines and various small plates makes for a better experience in my opinion. Supper is more pasta and typical.

        1. thanks everyone for your help. We decided to go for Perbacco and had a wonderful meal and great service, I would definitley return.

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