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Jun 22, 2007 08:22 PM

Looking for Good Mexican Eats in Racine, WI

I will be traveling to Racine, WI in a few weeks and am looking for some good, authentic Mexican food (non of those chain restaurants please). Someone mentioned Los Mariachi's for Fajitas and Margaritas. Can anyone verify or recommend something?

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  1. Not really anything too hot to be honest. There are a couple new places I have not tried. I live in Racine and I love mexican but I usually go to Milwaukee for that.

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      Any recommendations for dinner? Is there something unique to Racine that should not be missed? I would think with SCJ being headquartered there, that there should be some good eats locally.

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        Hmm, people love the thin crust pizza at Wells Brothers, it is well-regarded. However, they do use canned mushrooms. I like Waves, they have an innovative menu for Racine, however it is slightly hit and miss. I like Sandpipers for the outdoor dining and the food is decent, service can be a little spotty. Where are you staying and are you here on business or pleasure?

        Oh and people love Oh Dennis! for ribs and Corner House for Prime rib. These are kind of old school places, but hey, thats Racine, old school!

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          Thanks for the tips on places to dine. Are any of these places on the water?
          We're in town for pleasure. We have a wedding in town and are coming in a little early. We'll be staying at the Marriott.

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            Sandpiper is right on the water. Waves a couple blocks away. As far as sports bars, Spinnakers has the best waterfront dining but don't expect to get a gourmet meal unless you are up for hot wings.

    2. Tacos El Ray on Lathrop a few blocks north of Durand (Hwy 11). Very good food! If you consider having two locations a chain, then a chain it is.

      Sorry this is a little late!

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        Mexico Lindo has the best Mexican food in Racine and Jalapeno Loco has the best in Milwaukee.