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Jun 22, 2007 08:21 PM

Suggestions for Ukrainian Village / Bucktown/ Wicker Park Restaurants


I need some Saturday night suggestions for a restaurant in the Ukrainian Village/ Bucktown/ Wicker Park for two 20-something girls to go to that is in the $10-$20 entree range. Preferably somewhere that's fun and most importantly really good food and where wearing jeans would be acceptable. Thanks for any help in advance.

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  1. Living over here for a couple of years, we've determined our local favorites:

    Coco's - Puerto Rican restaurant on Division "between the flags". Usually has a salsa band on Friday/Saturday nights. And it's upscale PR food - really innovative menu. My faves: their asapos with camarones or vegetarian (stew, basically) and their El Rico (raisin stuffing in a pork chop). Spouse always gets the Churasco Caqueno (skirt steak). If you go there, try their Coco martini - it's delish.

    Bravo Tapas - good tapas, excellent sangria, huge outdoor patio, great service and a lounge downstairs. Great place to hang out with the girls.

    Club Lucky and Silver Cloud come to mind as two of our other local faves - their menu's are more casual but very good. Club Lucky was serving up soft-shelled crab on their app menu a few weeks ago, though their homemade mosticiollo (I know I didn't spell that right) is really good. Silver Cloud has a diverse menu for a bar. But it's a bar.

    Crust is the newest restaurant in the area. We've been there a few times. The first time was great but a bit disappointed in subsequent visits. Plus it's flatbreads (imo, pizza), salads and samiches - better for lunch than dinner.

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      It's worth noting that Crust uses organic ingredients. I thought it was excellent. And it's been mobbed since it opened. It also has a great selection of wine, interesting beers and ales and infused vodkas.

    2. How about Baccala? I have not been there yet, but thanks to good reviews, by friends that I trust, it is at the top of my list of restaurants to try in Wicker Park. It is owned by the same guy as Timo, but is less expensive. The owner and his chef are known for incorporating many locally grown and fresh ingredients into their cuisine. The menu, which features dishes from the Piemonte region of Italy, is not terribly extensive, but looks very interesting. The entrées are in the middle of your price range.

      Here is a link to a recent Chicago Reader review:

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        I would suggest west town tavern-on chicago about 3 bolcks east of ashland- it is a little more south than the places listed below. It is in the vein of american comfort food, prepaired well-nice main dishes,I rember the lamb being quite good-and don't miss the somres for desert! the place is mostly informal, (jeans OK) and I think would be a good place for 20 somthings to experience a 'nicer' eatery-- sort of like good food with training wheels--

        Good luck