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Jun 22, 2007 07:54 PM

Sam Zien, The Cooking Guy

I've caught a few episodes of Sam, The Cooking Guy here in New York. His website claims that his recipes are quick to prepare and unpretentious. Kind of reminds me of a male version of Rachael Ray, only he doesn't harp on EVOO or parmagiano reggiano like Rach does. He does have an annoying smirk though.

Has anyone tried any of the recipes from his show? I noticed that he combines fresh ingredients along with products found in local supermarkets. The preps look easy, but I'm wondering as to taste. I'll have to try one of his recipes.

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  1. Sam is an affable enough guy that I actually tried some of his stuff.

    I did his brown sugar samon on a cedar plank and it tasted, as he claimed it wouldn't, like candy.

    His recipes are simple, store bought and cater to picky eaters. While his show may make him the male RR, it seems, at least to me, to be more entertainment than actual cooking. He is funny. He works the camera well and makes himself the subject of all of the jokes. Really pretty entertaining.

    1. I've made about a dozen of his recipes and have loved every one. His show is refreshing, and my 9-year-old daughter loves to watch it with me and cook the recipes with me. Although I have tons of cookbooks, and have seen lots of cooking shows, his has actually made me enjoy cooking - it's not a chore for me anymore. His ideas are simple, yet delicious and always creative.

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        Comepletely agree. Great show, love to watch it even when he's making something I don't care for.

      2. Sam's awesome and totally fun to watch. His recipes are great as well. He got his start on San Diego County's TV network and I was so stoked to see that he's gone national. If you haven't seen him, do give him a gander.

        1. Sam is great!
          He does his show from San Diego and he's been on for several years and I still watch it..
          Easy stuff to cook and good too...he's quite amusing and love that he is doing so well!

          1. I've seen his show on Discovery Health..Just Cook This. I found him to be somewhat of a boorish jerk & wanting to smack that little smirk off his face. He does remind me of RR which is probably why I can't stand him. Some people you just don't like for whatever reason & he is one of those guys to me.