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Jun 22, 2007 07:42 PM

Houston to San Antonio and back via I-10

The EE and I will be driving from Houston to San Antonio via I-10 on Sunday morning and back on Sunday afternoon.

Any hot places to stop for breakfast on the way there (preferably near Houston) and for dinner on the way back? I'd just as soon not venture too very far off-route but I'm willing to be reasonable. 8-)

Thanks for any ideas you have. We're open as to cuisine, tho the EE is not very adventurous. He particularly likes BBQ (especially pork) and for breakfast he likes, well, breakfast.

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  1. For breakfast I like to stop at Beckie's in Columbus (1237 Bowie Street). It's a real "local" place and the food is good. Or Frank's in Schulenberg, midway between Houston and SA (It's been there forever) and is a popular stop with travelers.

    Schobels Restaurant in Columbus is good for dinner.

    1. Gotta do a BBQ crawl to Luling and Lockhart if you are going to be that close. Less than an hour outside SA is the exit to Luling, where you need to go to City Market. Get some brisket and sausage rings to go and head up the road about 15 miles to Lockhart, home of Black's (my favorite brisket ever), Smitty's, Kreuz and Chisholm Trail. Load up on brisket and sausage from each place and hit the road, preferably with plenty of napkins. Don't worry about sauces, side dishes or utensils. You'll thank me later.

      1. You gotta stop at Buccee's in Luling.

        Not sure exactly what it is but it is a ball. They are a gas station, restaurant, curio shop, speciality food store and they have a huge selection of jerky!

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          We saw the thousand signs for Buccees, and I made the EE pull in. It was a madhouse. About 4:00 pm on a Sunday afternoon and I think everyone in Texas was there. We will stop another time for the experience.

          As for Luling's it's on our list. We love the Luling's in HOuston (don't throw things) so I can only imagine the "real" Lulings is great. The EE is from So. Carolina, so to him BBQ is pork. I doubt I'll be able to sell him on the whole brisket deal, tho I like it.

          Again, thanks!