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Jun 22, 2007 07:26 PM

Help... recommendations W. 50s?

I'm going to a play with mom and her friends, at Studio 54 (so 54th and 8th area) and need a great idea for 5:00 dinner... not too far, older people (70s) so not too loud and good food and some charm. I'm drawing a blank. Please help, I've got out of town folks who are relying on me to come up with the right place.

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  1. suggest ViceVersa...325 W.51st betw. 8th/9th (closed Sundays)...North Italian cuisine, under the radar gem, and a little garden in the back.

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    1. re: drumwine

      Thanks. That looks just perfect. The other I came up with is Basso56. Or I see Maria Pia is next door. I'm going with ViceVersa but was curious if you were familiar with these others. Thanks again.

      1. re: amber225

        amber...don't know the other 2, but according to Zagat, Maria Pia is rated 21 for food, ViceVersa 23...which I believe to be too low a score. Mangia....