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anyone know where laurent quenioux (late of bistro k) went?

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can anyone tell me where laurent q. is cooking now?

thank you.


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  1. Scroll down about 40-45 posts.

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    1. re: Burger Boy

      thanks, bb, i did.


    2. I think he is at ZMario Irvine

      1. I don't see the 40-45 posts mentioned above, but last word i saw on this board was that he was supposed to opening a place downtown, this year. no updates?

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        1. re: mr mouther

          check that link about Bistro 1100

        2. He's been doing special dinners at Vermont lately. He's done pot au feu, cassoulet, and in March he is going to do bouillabaisse.


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          1. re: Bon Vivant

            okay, so it's october...any news on chef laurent?

            1. re: flippinfoodie

              I wish. i really miss his cooking. and the guest spots weren't doing it for me

              1. re: flippinfoodie

                Call vermont restaurant in los feliz at 323.661.6163 and see if either Heather, Michael or Manuel knows. Bet one or more does.