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Jun 22, 2007 06:13 PM

Orchards Fresh Foods- Sausage, Sammy's and Shaved Ice, Whittier/La Habra

I recently bought a wonderful basil flavored sausage and realized there were no posts on Orchards Fresh Foods on Chowhound and thought it was my duty to mention it- based on all of the tips I've taken from this board in the past. Orchards Fresh Foods is a small gourmet market attached to a nursery in Whittier near the La Habra border. They have homemade sausage of many flavors, fresh seafood and they grind all of their own meats which includes Manning's beef and Shelton's chicken. The deli features Boars Head products and you can order sandwiches or salads to go or to eat there at one of the small tables inside or outside the store. Hawaiian Shaved Ice is also very good, especially in this darned heat. The produce is very good, offering organic when possible. They also have specialty groceries and specialty bottled sodas. A few visits back I found a great huckleberry soda- it wasn't there when I bought my basil sausage the other day. Hopefully they'll get it back in stock- I'll be heading back soon to stock up on more of that basil flavored sausage. Their website isn't completely up and running but the deli menu is on there...

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  1. Thanks for your post about Orchards Fresh Foods. I agree totally with your observations. Good meat, good produce, FRESH fish and seafood. It's like a mini Whole Foods or Bristol Farms in an area sorely needing better food. There has been so little good food available in the Whittier/La Habra area market-wise and restaurant-wise, except for the restaurant Pflight. This place changes that market-wise.

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      What and where is pflight? I've tried searching but came up empty handed...

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        Sorry -- I misspelled the name. It's called Phlight, a great restaurant for small plates and tapas in uptown Whittier.

    2. I've been a regular customer of Orchards Fresh for over a year now. And in that time I've sampled just about everything they have. I haven't come across a bad piece of meat, sausage, or chicken yet. You just can't beat the dry aged prime beef cut by a real butcher. Be sure to ask for your Filet Mignon seasoned and wrapped in won't be sorry!

      1. I agree that Orchards is a welcome bright spot in the Whittier/La Habra area. I was impressed by the owner's care in providing the best produce he can. On a visit there, he approached, handed me a nectarine, asked me to sample it, and wanted to know what I though of it. It was perfectly ripe and very good. He was glad to hear me confirm it. He shared that he had bought the shipment a week ago, but held it in storage until he was sure they were just right.

        Orchards is a welcome additon to Claro's as a grocer worth patronizing.

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          1. Thanks for that great reccomendation. I have driven by that place a million times and never realized what I was missing. I'll definitely check it out.