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Jun 22, 2007 06:10 PM

Here's the real dope - TOMORROW IS D-DAY

I'm torn > do I listen to the devil on my right shoulder and keep it to myself or the angel on my left and spill the beans?

OK: I guess I must have been raised with some good in me < but don't tell anybody.

5 mins. ago I was with Dom and he WILL be opening TOMORROW. He looked more relaxed then I'd ever seen him. We spoke a bit about the "rumor" the fear that > "Mother of mercy, can this be the end of Dom." < my theatrics, an homage to Edward G. We did speak about the spreading scuttlebutt of the end. He seemed genuinely surprised. "Who was saying that" he demanded. Dom's memorable reaction / reply was, in his wonderful ancient accent, with a smile as wide as the Grand Canyon and the glint in his eye that the asstute have seen over and again as their pie was passed to them: "It'll take more then that to get rid of me". And thank goodness for it!

I was preparing to auction off the pint of Dom's frozen sauce (the cooked sauce used on his square pies) that's in my freezer. Oh well, I'll have to find another means to make my fortune.

See you tomorrow.

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  1. I'm sorry he reopened on a weekend. I never go on weekends...too crowded. If he'd reopened on, like, a tuesday, there'd have been a window of viability before the crowds descended....

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    1. re: Jim Leff

      Ahh, but you overthought it. Hardly a line at 1 or 1:30, with a cheery Dom churning out pies for slices (I didnt see a square one anywhere though... he may not have been making them) & chuckling as the phone rang without anyone answering. He was even talkative. And dapper.

      1. re: Steve R

        And at 7:30 - 10 mins. for 2 cornor squares. Dom was a sight to behold. Back at the helm. Actually turning out perfect pie after perfect pie. We all know there are days when it gets a bit out of control. The oven temp. isn't consistent... Tonight all the stars seemed in aligned. The crusts were perfectly blistered and not a burnt edge in sight. Dom was picking basil directly from plants which lined the left side of the counter. Yes he was dapper in his beige corduroy "be bop" hat. Dom was relaxed and in the zone. "I'm back - stupid rules". He was the Jordon Bulls on a run. Surprisingly to me, many waiting didn't even know he'd been closed. Of course there was the democracy: the monied and the peniless, the PHDs, MBAs and MIAs of all types eagerly awaiting pie together, united. My squares have never tasted so good > I intend to let more time pass between visits as abstenence makes the taste bud more sensitive. Maybe I'll only go once a day.

        1. re: allenbank

          "democracy: the monied and the peniless, the PHDs, MBAs and MIAs"

          Really? Usually the monied MBAs, fresh from their Audis, step right in front of me in line and wave their money at Dom with full imperious inertia. It's one of the reasons I go less often...I'm really afraid I might sock the next mow-ron who does this. Anarchy favors the pushy.

          Thanks for the great reports, as always, Allen


          1. re: Jim Leff

            With respect to: Murry Burnett, Joan Alison, Michael Curtiz, Bogart and Berman, and of course Peter Lorre; forget Rick's > Everybody Comes To Dom's.

            In regards to the democracy that I mentioned, and you questioned Jim, let me first say, I am not one of the "well heeled". If you look closely, you might even see holes in my soles. I deplore and am revolted by pathetic _uppies that have infected our existence in virtually every asspect of our lives. They, that have, I believe, unbeknownst to themselves: mutalated, homoginized, minimalized and destroyed, for the most part, all in life that is individual, unique and consists of personality and character. They are at the very least, on their way towards that end. I do not believe their intent was / is to destroy a valued and equitable - some would call socialist, way of life, but simply to make as much money as possible, by any means necessary. And that alone, they believe, gives them the right to... everything. To move to the front of the line. Of course I generalize. I'd love to be one of the monied myself, I'm just not equiped. Not clearver or cunning enough. I can only hope and speculate, that if ever I was to amass any degree of wealth, I would act, as I believe I do now, with kindness and the understanding that with wealth, does not come, privledge and segregation from those without.

            As this relates to Dom's / DiFars's, I must say Jim; it is the rare event when I see money tip the equality scales of the joint. And when attempts are made - which of course they are from time to time, they, the attempts meet with little sucess. They are either rebukedby "us", the masses with ice cold stares, action (usually non-violent), sentiments of disdain or the ultimate understanding of the "offender" himself, that if he wants what in my humble opinion, is the best pie around, he will cease and desist. His arrogance will be shelved and reason will win the day. This will only be seen however if the "offender" wants to be sucessful due to his undersatanding and appreciation of Dom's Pie. The pie being superlative. Not because he's read or heard somewhere that "it's the best" and he / she always deserves the best of everything and really couldn't care less about the actual product.

            That said, there are times I just want to "smack em" (the "hood" always remains within) also! But my knowledge of the increasing rarity of true quality is waining at a rate unthinkable, I just wait and try not to let "the heathens" the misguided deter me from enjoying Dom's Pie whenever, as often as I can. I also, do not visit as much as I used to, due to the crowds. I often in passing will make a snap deceison as I pass by and gaze through the doors > do I enter or do I walk on.

            Also related, is Dom's amazing, rather unusual, approch to the money tendered. Another deterrent to money moving to the front of the line. Let me say here, I believe Dom & The Mrs. sleep on a 23' high mattress. Collecting money, payment seems "almost" an inconvenience. One may wait almost as long to pay as for their pie. Do you remember > The Little Rascals episode: Pay On The Exit? Darla, Butch and co. were admitted to "The Show" and told they'd only have to pay if they liked it > On The Exit. That's sort of the same system at Dom's. Of course, ALL are expected to pay. And pay with thanks we do. Who could deny the worth. Money seems more tribute then an end / power. Again, of course as Dom's mattress (as is deserved) gets thicker.

            More then simply Democracy of monied and not being equal, the Democracy I talk about is that anything within the realm of decency is permitted as long as there is appreciation and respect of "the goods". The Pie. It is largely, if not absolutly, self ruled. No rules rule. "Stupid Rules" closed Dom down.

            The other day I saw a first: While enjoying my pie, my cornor square, a lovely dark haired woman breast-feeding her infant in all possible modesty, while she was enjoying a slice. No one paid her any mind. No swarming of guards, no upturned noses. All were too busy enjoying of making pie. I think that's a form of democracy.

            I believe Dom may at times be careless as to "who's next", but I don't see, havn't seen, he's prejudiced or influenced by waving cash. Although, as I mentioned, the attempts, I'm sure, are made. I acknowledge the possibility I'm too engaged in my: waiting, eating or conversation with anybody / everybody (Everybody Comes To Dom's) to note flying dollars or pigs for that matter.

            So in conclusion Jim, go when you can, whenever you can, when it is reasonable, because one day, no doubt, "they'll make it too hard" for Dom and his doors will not reopen.

            And truly a final coda to "offest" these "all too many" words - these ideas, I'll add a specific, tangable recommendation for anyone who's gotten this far. Peppe Roso To Go - The best of the Peppe's in my opinion. The location on Sullivan St. off Houston. They serve some of the best home style pasta in NY at prices to make you do a double-take. My current favorite is a large steaming bowl of penne with spinach & ricotta. $7.95. More basic, and an alway excellent respectable stand-by is the garlicky penne with tomato & basil. $5.95. You read that correctly. $5.95. Many of the specials should not be overlooked. And where can you get a nice sized plastic cup of easily drinkable wine (red or white) for $4.50? It's bare bones enjoyable so > eat it and beat it! It can not be beat for what it is!

            As always, the above is unproffed and un edited. Sorry > I remain unyieldingly lazy.

            P.S. Time for another book Jim.

            Best - ab

            1. re: allenbank

              Beautiful, heartfelt post! (BTW it's "Pay as You Exit"). Have an onion!

              1. re: noisejoke

                Bravo! You are correct, a true aficionado of what is important. My hat is off to you. "Have an onion!" < Beautiful.

                1. re: allenbank

                  "...a true aficionado of what is important." Yeah, right?

                  Now to plan a strategic visit to DiFara's, first in months.

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