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Jun 22, 2007 06:03 PM

Whers is a good store to buy bottles of tequila?

Coming to Phoenix for a few days from Ohio where the selection of tequila is terrible. Are there any stores with good selections of tequila (ideally with good prices, but selection is most important) in Phoenix. Thanks

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  1. I can't say that I really shop for tequila, but I do know that BevMo has a larger-than-most selection of liquor. AJ's (a high-end grocery chain here) also carries some interesting looking bottles of tequila, but might be pricey. Sorry I can't be more help.

    1. Check the liquor sections of the large grocery stores and drugstore chains, too. They often get special deals on various brands of Mexican imports. (Albertsons/Osco is one of the few places where I regularly find Presidente brandy, at a good price.)

      1. I agree with kittyfood about the supermarket sales. Sometimes they have better deals than BevMo. BevMo is great for seeing a wide selection. And they do carry many varities of tiny bottles (if maybe you want to try out certain brands without buying a full bottle).
        Is there a particular brand you are looking for most? Personally I like Tres Generationes. Most stores charge anywhere from 40-50 for a 750mL bottle. I have gotten it at CVS for 29.99. Another local chain market we have here in LA is Super A and they often have this brand for that price.
        Since you say selection is most important I would say BevMo if they have those there.
        Some brands I have tried are:
        Tres Generationes
        Cabo Wabo
        Casadores (its okay)

        1. Sportsmans on 32nd and Camelback has the best selection, I've found. I'm a tequila enthusiast myself and AJ's seems to have a better than average selection if there is one close to you, but def. sportsmans.

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            Agreed, Sportsman's has a nice selection. If they have Milagro Reposado, try it out if you haven't already, it's a very nice tequila for the price point ($31).

          2. Thanks for the info. Between BevMo, AJ's and Sportsmans, we should be able to find what we're looking for. I assume Sportsmans is one shop and not part of a chain?

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              Sportsman's is a local retailer with four locations in Phoenix.

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                We've been to the Sportsman's at Shea and Scottsdale Rd a few times. We were looking for a particular bottle of wine. They didn't sell it, but the clerk had seen it at a different chain and told us where we could find it. So even if they don't have exactly what you might need, they can probably point you to where you can get it.

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                  Sportsman's turned out to be awesome. The friend of mine that went shopping came away with 13 bottels of excellant tequilas and because of how much he bought got an extra 10% off. The guy working there is an ex-pat Californian who's also a tequila fan and really knew his stuff

                  1. re: SteveInSoCal

                    Great, I'm glad that it worked out. I am always impressed with the knowledge of their staff - they've really helped with a few champagne and vodka purchases (two things with which I have no knowledge).

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                      yep, I "know" that guy. Pretty young but he knows his tequilas like nobodys business. I hate to imagine how much money your friend spent... 13 bottles?!?!

                      1. re: AZBconcierge

                        just about 1000.00 but they would have cost a lot more in Ohio and most of them coudnt even be found there. And Ohio is one of those States that doesnt alow alcohol to be shipped from retailers