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Jun 22, 2007 05:47 PM

Huitlacoche/guisanos/escamoles in Tijuana?

Anyone know where to find these in Tijuana, northern Baja or Sonora, or San Diego? Perhaps Cien Anos? Thanks.

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  1. Hitulacoche is available at Casa de Madera in San Diego. They serve it in a ravioli dish. A friend of mine had it a couple of weeks ago and was very please with the dish.

    1. La Diferencia, on Blvd. Sanchez Taboada in the upper class business and retail section of Tijuana, is a beautiful, fine dining establishment that has huitlacoches on the menu and, if I remeber correctly, features guisanos and escamoles when they plan special menu offerings.

      the website is:

      1. I used to read about a pre-Colombian restaurant in Tijuana - anyone know if it's still around?
        Ed Bedford of the San Diego Reader' wrote about a Oaxacan food stand in the mercado municipal that might have some of what you're looking for. It was the main restaurant review about three weeks ago.
        I've had a quesadilla with huitlacoche at a taco stand on Juan (Jose?) Sarabia, near Constitucion and next to a large grocery store. I had never come across it around here, and I was so excited . . . until I received my quesadilla and found the huitlacoche to be canned.

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          I've found that the best huitlacoche is found in the downtown park located at Calle 3ra or Carrillo Puerto between the avenues "5 de Mayo" and "Gonzalez Ortega". Near the entrance to the kids playground there is a lady that sells, tostadas, sopes, quesadillas, huaraches, what we mexicans call "fritanga". Lived here in Tj for 30 years. If you guys need more recommendations let me know.

        2. Re-affirming La Diferencia. Ate there a week ago and very much enjoyed the hitulacoche.

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            Huitlacoche is very easy to find almost everywhere in Mexico, not so much the escamoles and the gusanos. If you find yourself with the possibility of ordering escamoles fried in butter, don't hesitate. I've had those in Puebla and the experience was amazing.