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Jun 22, 2007 05:39 PM

Suggestions for bluefish

My oldest pup just called...he caught two bluefish with his dad and is bringing them home. How should I cook them? I know I can grill them...any suggestions for preparations? TIA!!

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  1. I found that bluefish filets, skin on, rubbed with mayo on the flesh side, grilled skin down, are awesome. The mayo has just that tiny tang, and mellows that too "fishy" taste that bluefish has for me. Leftovers, mixed with some lemon and a bit more mayo are a great fish salad.

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      Ahhh, the best of the summer fish! Really really fresh and on the grill - but mix in some dijon with the mayo and you will not believe how wonderful it is.
      Your mouth will thank you!!

      I want some RIGHT NOW!!!!

    2. Like Quine, I also appreciate a certain tang/acidity to accompany my bluefish- something to cut through and complement that big fish-oily quality. The last time I cooked some I made an accompaniment (relish? salsa?) out of orange segments to go with the grilled fish and thought it worked beautifully well. It was just the segments with some red onion and herbs (I'm pretty sure it was thyme, but could have been marjoram- either would work, though). It was so light and fresh tasting yet also stood up to the fish quite nicely, definitely one to do again.

      1. I've always breaded and pan-fried bluefish filets.
        Take filets, dip in beaten egg and seasoned breadcrumbs. Pan fry in a tablespoon or two of olive oil until breadcrumbs are golden brown on each side.

        Bluefish does have a tendency to be oily and (in some bigger fish) strong. I've been eating them since I was a small child, as my dad fishes often and used to take me as well. The above has always been my favorite way to prepare bluefish.

        Congrats to your pup...bluefish are fun to catch...they put up a good fight!

        1. I would fillet them and remove the skin and cut away the dark, dark flesh. They are an oily, delicious fish. This time of year they are 3-4 pounds and the fillets are pretty thick so grill them on a low heat with a lemon and white wine mixture that you apply with a spoon during cooking. Turn them once. Now I'm homesick!

          1. bluefish IS great on the grill. a simple oil & vinegar marinade does nicely too.

            i don't grill often (hassle in apartment building), but i broiled it and served it recently with a chopped salad of tomato, onion, herbs, pepper, etc and it was lovely.