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Jun 22, 2007 05:00 PM

Easton:Casual Dinner with teen boy

Where should we take our teenage son for dinner near Lafayette college?

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  1. If your into it there is a Thai place on Second, I believe. There is also a burger and rib joint just outside of town (on Knox I think).

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      We went to a thai place on 2nd (touch of thai), but i wouldn't recommend it. The food was only so-so -- maybe an off day -- or maybe we went to the wrong place? Wish we'd had a chance to try Jak-e potatoes, but didn't have enough time - really had to stay near lafayette for a quick bite.

      thanks for the suggestions!

    2. The original comment has been removed
      1. Pearly Baker's is a pub that happens to have really good food and is quite casual. Also, they have a lot of outdoor seating. It's on the circle in Easton. Sette Luna (Italian) on Ferry is also a nice place. They have a lot of good pizzas. I think the Thai place on 2nd might be Sogo, which also has a lot of Japanese options if you like sushi. Pne other suggestion - Gennaro's (Italian) on Sullivan Trail Road (though the service can be a little slow).

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          Sette Luna is nice for pizza, but the service can be atrocious. On Northampton Street, Sogo for sushi/Japanese or, a few doors down, Phenom for Vietnamese and Thai, are good choices, too; there's also a new place called The State Cafe and Grille (14-16 S. Fifth Street) which looks like an upscale diner/nouveau comfort food-oriented establishment and about which I've heard good things, too.