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Jun 22, 2007 05:00 PM

Just Get a Lemon and Sugar Crêpe!

As a lover of crêpes, I thought I'd give Flip Happy crepes a try. I ended up going a few times, and I'm glad I persevered.

My ideal crêpe is eggy, buttery, lightly browned, and soft. While thin, it is slightly spongy because of the little bubbles trapped by the eggs as they are whisked. Flip Happy came pretty close to delivering in their crêpe with lemon and sugar. The one I tried was a nice cap to a meal. It had a tangy lemon flavor, a sprinkle of powdered sugar, all on a near-perfect crêpe folded in quarters.

I did not fare as well with the savory crêpes. The fillings were fresh and flavorful, and I liked the combinations; however, the crêpes themselves were partially overcooked. I didn't understand it at first, but I peered through the window on a later visit, and I think the texture was caused by folding a pre-cooked crêpe in half and reheating it on a griddle, simultaneously heating the filling atop it. That semi-circle gets wrapped around the filling. The outer shell of the resulting tube is cooked tough and has lost much of its richness, but the inner layer still has crêpe texture. Lest anyone think it is like a burrito, beware. Both ends are unsealed, and the filling can drop out the end as you eat it. Leave the foil on! The roast chicken and goat cheese, smoked salmon and cream cheese, and ham and gruyère were all tasty, but the wrapper detracted from the experience rather than enhancing it.

The other sweet crêpes also had texture problems. The caramelized banana, Nutella, and chocolate had so much soft filling that the crêpe did not stand up to it. The Nutella with banana had a tough crêpe. The Nutella was good, but the bananas were sliced pretty thick and might have worked better on the inside rather than being piled on top.

All in all, the people are friendly, the trailer is cute, and the ingredients are fresh. I had great success with the lemon and sugar crêpe. On the flip side, none of the savory ones benefited much from having a leathery former crêpe as a wrapper. I'd have enjoyed the same fillings much more in an omelet.

I've seen mentions of Flip Happy in the threads below, but I haven't really seen the crêpes themselves described in much detail. (The dishes seem to get an enthusiastic, if not too descriptive, “yummy” from some posters.) Is this a style that I just don't get, or is the quality of the crêpes that wrap the food not really on people's minds? Are there other menu items where the crêpe stays near my ideal?

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  1. I don't have much experience with crepes, so I didn't have the same problems you do with the texture of the pastry. I love the "pulled" pork crepe, and am still wanting to try the Nutella and lemon curd ones. So, to answer your question, I really love the fillings for the crepes -- I think they are really flavorful -- and I feel kind of like an uncultured boob that I don't really care much about the texture of the crepe. But you know? If I ate a sandwich or a taco with bread or a tortilla that was somehow off from my ideal, I wouldn't be terribly excited about it either, no matter how awesome the fillings are.

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      I didn't find mine tough and leathery. I've had several of the savory creps and they've actaully been wrapped on both ends. Wonder why yours weren't. Fillings are just that - savory.

      My friend and I went completely bananas (scuze the pun) over the carmelized nanner/nutella.

      I guess I too, am not as discriminating as you are in your crepe consistancy.

    2. I went to Fliphappy for the first time after hearing that they were on an episode of Throwdown, and I was very impressed. I agree that the texture of the crepe was tough and chewy in places, but the ingredients and balance of flavors held inside the crepe was what made it an awesome meal. I had the tarragon mushroom spinach crepe and was surprised with how rich it was, and with how pungent the tarragon was to the nose and tongue. The simple nutella crepe I had to complete my meal was much nicer in texture, possibly because it was cooked fresher than the savory crepes. They will definitely be seeing my return.