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Jun 22, 2007 04:51 PM

Best petite filet on the west side?

i really don't want to rehash the age-old 'best steakhouse' debate here...i'm specifically looking for the steakhouse or restaurant on the west side that has the best petite filet.

would love to hear everyone's thoughts/experiences.


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  1. but probably best to skip any recommendations for 'cut,' because i doubt i'd be able to get a reservation there this week :)


    1. i'd suggest mastro's; i know not everyone likes it, but i'm a big fan of ruth's chris (because of its simplicity really). boa is another good choice as well.

      1. You may want to search for old posts about the best steakhouses because i think that the best petite will be where the best steaks are....

        Last night we tried Mastros BH for the first time since they opened. We disliked it when it first opened and, though we disliked it a lot less last night, I would not make a point to go again. I had the petite, but I asked for it without their seven-ingrediant seasoning on it. It was cooked perfectly, but I don't think it's a great piece of beef. Cut is the way to go, if you can, but there are so many other great steaks in Los ANgeles -- and some are not even at steakhouses. I personally prefer the petite at so many other places where great steaks are located over what I had at Mastros.

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          thanks so much for that review of mastro's. we probably would have wound up there by default, but i think we'll go somewhere else now!

          i'm trying to find options besides 'cut,' because as anxious as i am to check it out, friends have generously offered to take me out for a birthday dinner and i really wouldn't feel comfortable letting them foot such an exorbitant tab.

          [i'm considering arnie morton's on melrose. i know it's a chain, but it's also sort of a little piece of l.a. history, and i'd like to go some time before they close in the fall.]


          ruth's chris
          the lodge


          1. re: goodhealthgourmet

            Morton's on Melrose is not to be confused with Arnie Morton's, which is a chain originally founded by the father of the owners. Certainly a piece of L.A. social history, but not a chain.

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              Oh, wow, I did not know Morton's on Melrose was due to close! We were given a gift certificate there -- ages ago -- with no expiration date and we are going to use it NOW!

              As to Arnie Mortons, which is on La Cienega, kinda where San Vicente runs into Burton Way (if that makes any sense) is actually excellent. I do not recall if they have a petite, but you could call or check it out on line. They have excellent food and service there. They have a very nice back room that is smaller than the main dining room and it adds a lot of privacy for group parties. Sometimes they put more than one group in there because it's large enough for that but you may want to look into it.

              We also like Ruth Chris. We haven't been there in about five years because we could never get a reservation when we needed it -- we probably called too close to when we wanted to go. My order at RC is to NOT add butter to the steak and to bring it on a cold plate, but that's just me. I think they have excellent food and service too.

              I haven't been to the lodge but my brother in law said it was excellent and very hip. He went when it first opened so I don't recall more info.

              I've heard Boa is bad, so I've never tried it.

              I've heard of Dakota but can't place it right now, so I know I haven't been there....

              I like the Grill on the Alley too.

              HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

              1. re: goodhealthgourmet

                I forgot to add to my Mastro's review that the room is very uncomfortable because tables are jammed up against one another. We felt like there were more tables crammed into the space since the first time we were there. What is nice though, especially for a party, is the piano player. People got up and danced -- even girls danced together. It was a little bit like a supper club and that was fun.

            2. check out sidebar-- the bar at the Beverly Wilshire hotel next to CUT. I think they serve the same food. Give them a call to double check but we have been to the bar a few times.