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Jun 22, 2007 04:22 PM

MSP-Matt's Bar questions

I haven't been into Matt's in a while. Okay, quite a while, as these days, I get my Lucy fix at The Nook. What I'm trying to remember about Matt's:
Pool table?
Other Amusements (video games, meat raffles, jukebox, like that)?
Full liquor license, or beer/wine (or 3.2) only?

Matt's website keeps timing out for me, and I'm not finding anything helpful at Rake or CP.
Anybody have answers?


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  1. I don't go often, as, of course, it would require me to cross the river, but this is what I recall (after having consulted with Orange Julius, of course): they do not have a full liquor license--it's just beer only. They used to only serve 3-2 beer, but I believe they now have the strong beer license. No pool table. Darts, yes, I think. Don't remember seeing a jukebox or video games and I've never been there during a meat raffle. It's pretty bare-bones in term of "amenities."


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    1. re: The Dairy Queen

      Awesome jucy's at Matt's but it's a dive and even if they had a dartboard it's too small to really play. I love Matt's but heard Nook's was as good or better so if your in St. Paul I wouldn't think it would be worth the drive.

      1. re: dave43

        Matt's jucy lucy is different than the Nook's. Matt's has almost a crispy, maybe even "charred" exterior. If that's what you crave, then it probably is worth the drive. The Nook has better fries. :)


    2. They have a jukebox, ATM, real beer, and weekly delivery of City Pages and The Onion. Thats about it.

      1. Thanks everyone!
        My curiosity is more intellectual than chowish at this point, as I tend to prefer the Nook. Although no small part of that is that is muuuch closer for me than Matt's.

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        1. re: ajs

          PBR's and a jucy lucy...its a dive...but its great

          1. re: ajs

            ajs, what about the Groveland Tap? Darts, pool, jukebox, burgers. I'm guessing you're familiar already.

            1. re: MSPD

              I love the Cajun Lucy at Groveland Tap! Also, when I'm feeling healthy, the portabella mushroom sandwich. Actually, I think their whole menu is pretty solid, particularly for a bar.

              EDIT: also, in terms of "atmosphere," the Groveland Tap is very family friendly--it draws a lot of folks with young kids. So, factor that in. This time of year, they also have a few umbrella-shaded-tables out on the sidewalks, which is nice, but I think no beer is allowed out there.