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Nov 20, 2005 11:43 AM

Rajjot: Sweets & Snacks

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Location: At the intersection of Wolfe and El Camino in Sunnyvale.

Type: Hole in the wall, snack and sweet shop. Most customers do a take out. Adjoining small sit down area.

They carry a variety of Indian sweets and spicy party mixes. Also, chaat, samosa, a few other food items including paratha plates available. I don't remember seeing non-veg dishes.

Items tried: Variety sweets and samosa.

Price: Dirt cheap

Indians sweets are typically milk and sugar based, sometimes fried. There are flour and lentil based ones as well.

The sweets are quite good. Not teeth chattering sweet. I will definitely go back when the next hankering for Indian sweets sets in.

Samosa is quite excellent in fact. I have yet to find it straight out of frying pot. But the heated (under the lamp) samosa is very crisp. It is a fat one. The potatoes are ample and spicy. They come with variety chutneys.

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  1. I love this place. Usually I avoid steam tables like the plague, but Rajjot's hot food is GOOD for a INCREDIBLE price: you get two items plus 2 rotis, achar, and raita for just $4. $6 gets you 3 items. I recommend the chili chicken when they have it. The samosas are really good, too. Lots of spices in the potato filling. They remind me of savory KFC apple pies (of McDonald's before they switched from fried pies to baked).

    1. Mishti, thank you belatedly for your excellent recommendation. Rajjot is now a priority for me. My maiden voyage to Rajjot Sweet and Snacks included: mooli (radish) paratha and the 3 dish combo: chicken curry, cauliflower curry, chili chicken, bread that came with the combo (cannot remember the name), raita. Total around $9.50 - this could serve two people.

      The place is at first a little chaotic until you know the drill. Menus hangs above the steam table. LIne up and order at the steam table. The woman who takes your order could simultaneously be on the phone receiving a take out order-that's just part of Rajjot's popularity. Pay the same woman. Credit cards okay if your order is around $10+. She dishes out your order in styrofoam containers (don't complain, this is not Amber India) on a tray. Your breads will be delivered to you at your table, fresh and piping hot. How the servers know which bread goes to whom is a mystery. Self-service water and utensils at a small separate table.

      I loved the cauliflower curry most, followed by the curry chicken, then chili chicken. Spice level was moderate, by my experience. The paratha was good, although I'm used to more buttery parathas. I will definitely try the other parathas. There seem to be about 8 different kinds. My friends ordered in addition to their combos garlic naan and samosas, which they devoured and pronounced wonderful.

      Ask the servers for container lids, foil, and a bag to carry home your tasty leftovers and they will graciously help you.

      What else do chowhounds enjoy at Rajjot? I could not find a menu on the web. The next time, I will order the goat curry and make my way down the list of parathas.