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Jun 22, 2007 03:38 PM

Craving Good Thin Crust Pizza in Westchester

Does anyone know of place that serves good thin crust Pizza anywhere from middle to northern Westchester?? No doughy stuff for me!! Thanks

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  1. The best bet is in southern westchester, johnny's pizzeria. Worth the trip. Try Muzzarella's, a really under the radar place on hartsdale avenue right before central. They have a thinner crust than most and if you order the margerita pizza (perhaps in advance cause Im not sure how often it takes them if its not already on the counter), you get high quality ingredients.

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    1. re: Sambossanova

      Where is Johnny's located? Yonkers... but where exactly?

      1. re: lilly1114

        Johnny's is in Mount Vernon, on Lincoln Ave. If you don't mind discomfort, Pepe's far outweighs Johnny's in delicious pizza.

        I know it's not Westchester, but so far, I haven't found the equal of Pepe's in Westcheser.

        I tried Muzzarella's over the weekend, and although it is indeed very good, on a par with Totonno imo, it still doesn't come close to Pepe's.

        Just as I still can't find extraordinary Italian in Westchester or the environs -- and by extraordinary I mean on a par with the onion tart in the French restaurant Le Provencal -- I can't find another pizzeria to compete with Pepe's.

        But hey, that's why there isn't just vanilla ice cream. Salsiccia his own.

        1. re: dolores

          Dolores, I too am a major Frank Pepe's fan but I think that to be fair it is its own style - New Haven pizza - and not the thin crust Gio seeks and that I also happen to love and was singularly devoted to prior to discovering the joy of Frank Pepe's. Super thin crust - a la John's, Patsy's, et al is a different animal. Both are wonderful but different.

          1. re: laylag

            Thanks, laylag, I never made the distinction.

            I still wouldn't put up with the discomfort at Johnny's, but how about Racanelli's in Rye Ridge, have you tried them?

            Are they more in line with what Gio is looking for?

            1. re: dolores

              I haven't had Racanelli's pizza. Had a very bleh salad there once and then didn't have cause to go back so I don't know if their pizza qualifies. I haven't been to Johnny's but it seems from the posts about it and it's pizza vs. Totonno's that Johnny's has that style of pizza.

      2. re: Sambossanova

        I've had great thin crust pizza at Tino's on Rt 9 in Hawthorne. Its opposite the Saw Mill Multiplex movie theater. They have a brick oven and I think its coal fired (very hot). The margarita pizza has fresh mozzarella.


      3. Try LaManda's on 119 in White Plains. Brick Oven there.

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        1. re: jenandluke

          lamandas is not thin crust pizza..its good pizza, but not thin crust

        2. Serafina trattoria in Arcadian Shoping Ctr. and Ossining Pizza on Croton Ave.-both in Ossining.

          1. These sound like great choices, my sister lives in the Mt.Vernon area so I'll take her with me to try Johnny's . I'm in the Central Ave area alot so will also look for Muzzarella's but where is Pepe's and Totonno's? I forgot about LaManda's but your right they do have good pizza, I just have to remember to ask them to cook it a little more. Haven't been to Tino's in years and will check out their brick oven as well as Ossining Pizza (aren't they supposed to have good gelato also, think I read that on these boards) and Serafina. Yes, I know that sounds like alot of pizza but I'm on a quest ot find really good thin crust pizza!!

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            1. re: GIOny

              Pepe's (not Westchester) is in New Haven and in Fairfield, CT. Totonno's is in the Ramada Inn on Tuckahoe Road in Yonkers.

                1. re: debmom

                  On Hartsdale Ave., right before it intersects Central Ave.

            2. If you can get to Stamford Ct. check out Colony Pizza. it is really easy to get to -right off 95- and they have awesome thin crust pizza. And only pizza (no salad, no apps., no dessert) so only go with real pizza lovers.