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Craving Good Thin Crust Pizza in Westchester

Does anyone know of place that serves good thin crust Pizza anywhere from middle to northern Westchester?? No doughy stuff for me!! Thanks

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  1. The best bet is in southern westchester, johnny's pizzeria. Worth the trip. Try Muzzarella's, a really under the radar place on hartsdale avenue right before central. They have a thinner crust than most and if you order the margerita pizza (perhaps in advance cause Im not sure how often it takes them if its not already on the counter), you get high quality ingredients.

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      Where is Johnny's located? Yonkers... but where exactly?

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        Johnny's is in Mount Vernon, on Lincoln Ave. If you don't mind discomfort, Pepe's far outweighs Johnny's in delicious pizza.

        I know it's not Westchester, but so far, I haven't found the equal of Pepe's in Westcheser.

        I tried Muzzarella's over the weekend, and although it is indeed very good, on a par with Totonno imo, it still doesn't come close to Pepe's.

        Just as I still can't find extraordinary Italian in Westchester or the environs -- and by extraordinary I mean on a par with the onion tart in the French restaurant Le Provencal -- I can't find another pizzeria to compete with Pepe's.

        But hey, that's why there isn't just vanilla ice cream. Salsiccia his own.

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          Dolores, I too am a major Frank Pepe's fan but I think that to be fair it is its own style - New Haven pizza - and not the thin crust Gio seeks and that I also happen to love and was singularly devoted to prior to discovering the joy of Frank Pepe's. Super thin crust - a la John's, Patsy's, et al is a different animal. Both are wonderful but different.

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            Thanks, laylag, I never made the distinction.

            I still wouldn't put up with the discomfort at Johnny's, but how about Racanelli's in Rye Ridge, have you tried them?

            Are they more in line with what Gio is looking for?

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              I haven't had Racanelli's pizza. Had a very bleh salad there once and then didn't have cause to go back so I don't know if their pizza qualifies. I haven't been to Johnny's but it seems from the posts about it and it's pizza vs. Totonno's that Johnny's has that style of pizza.

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        I've had great thin crust pizza at Tino's on Rt 9 in Hawthorne. Its opposite the Saw Mill Multiplex movie theater. They have a brick oven and I think its coal fired (very hot). The margarita pizza has fresh mozzarella.


      3. Try LaManda's on 119 in White Plains. Brick Oven there.

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          lamandas is not thin crust pizza..its good pizza, but not thin crust

        2. Serafina trattoria in Arcadian Shoping Ctr. and Ossining Pizza on Croton Ave.-both in Ossining.

          1. These sound like great choices, my sister lives in the Mt.Vernon area so I'll take her with me to try Johnny's . I'm in the Central Ave area alot so will also look for Muzzarella's but where is Pepe's and Totonno's? I forgot about LaManda's but your right they do have good pizza, I just have to remember to ask them to cook it a little more. Haven't been to Tino's in years and will check out their brick oven as well as Ossining Pizza (aren't they supposed to have good gelato also, think I read that on these boards) and Serafina. Yes, I know that sounds like alot of pizza but I'm on a quest ot find really good thin crust pizza!!

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              Pepe's (not Westchester) is in New Haven and in Fairfield, CT. Totonno's is in the Ramada Inn on Tuckahoe Road in Yonkers.

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                  On Hartsdale Ave., right before it intersects Central Ave.

            2. If you can get to Stamford Ct. check out Colony Pizza. it is really easy to get to -right off 95- and they have awesome thin crust pizza. And only pizza (no salad, no apps., no dessert) so only go with real pizza lovers.

              1. Though it's not a truly thin slice, Hostaria Mazzei, in Port Chester, makes a delicious brick oven pizza. It's a pricey restaurant, not a pizzeria, and the pies are personal sized, but they do a fine job.. I had the Vegetariana, which has a perfect sampling of grilled vegetables and fresh mozzarella. The sauce is flavorful and the crust was one of the best I've ever tasted, and that includes the best in Manhattan. Need to go back to Johnnys, in Mt. Vernon, for a second try. I wasn't that impressed beyond the novelty of it being a true throwback style of pizza you never see anymore. People rave about it so I have to give it another shot.

                1. Johnny's in Mt. Vernon is the place to go - hands down. the best pizza this side of New Haven.

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                    KarenNYC: Where in Mt. vernon is Johnny's do they have a web site?

                    1. Thanks for all the wonderful suggestions.

                      1. My favorite place closed and I am still on the hunt. Does anyone remember "Roma" in Tuckahoe, by the train station in the 80's and 90's. My favorite use to be a plain pizza with extra cheese, where the crust was so thin than you had to use a knife and fork, otherwise the cheese would oozzzeeee out. Can anyone suggest a place similar to that? I'm in upper westchester but would travel anywhere.

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                          You can try Roma, it didn't close it relocated to 29 Columbus Avenue, around the corner.

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                            Roma is not exactly what it was but it is still good (just not "best of").

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                              Roma's is fabulous. Nice and thin crust, flavored and seasoned perfectly. Mmmmm..... And Johnny's is overrated. Stick with Tuckahoe!

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                                Are you people out of your minds? Roma makes disgusting goop on cardboard. How this place consistently gets voted "Best in Westchester" boggles the mind... probably some ballot-box stuffing, in my opinion.

                                My personal rule for thin-crust pizza is that you have to hear it when you're eating in. If the crust isn't crisp, it's not worth my while. To this end, I can't find pizza better than the neighborhood pizzerias that don't try to be anything else. My two favorites (both in Yonkers) are Dunwoodie on Yonkers Avenue and John's on S. Devoe Avenue (at McLean). Of course, there's bias in that these are the pizzas that myself and my wife grew up on, respectively.

                                For a good thin-crust "brick oven style" (don't know if they actually use a brick oven, but it has the right taste), try the margherite pizza at Lazy Boy Saloon. Wash that down with a Captain Lawrence Double IPA, and it's the closest to heaven you can get for under $15.

                                1. re: mikegberg

                                  >>Are you people out of your minds? Roma makes disgusting goop on cardboard.

                                  That's why there's chocolate and vanilla. I.E., personal opinion.

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                                    Gotta agree with you Mike, I live pretty close to Roma's and I haven't even considered going in there. It is hands down some of the worst Italain food I've ever had. The pizza, while not awful is nothing special. I've bought frozen thin crust california pizza kitchen that is 10x better than there pizza.

                                    I still haven't found my way over to Johnny's in Mount Vernon (and I'm usually about four blocks away 3 times a week. I'm just not crazy about thin crust pizza. I've been to Colony Pizza in Stamford and wasn't as crazy about it as I was years ago.

                                    I'll definitely have to try LZB's next time I'm there.

                          2. I have to say Tino's on 9A in Hawthorne and Gainfranco's in Valhalla/North White Plaons.

                            1. Johnny's in Mount Vernon is the absolute best and thinnest.

                              1. For 2 1/2 years, we lived right by Totonno's on 26th & 2nd in Manhattan and we were big fans. The pizza was consistently good, fresh, tasty, as were the salads.

                                Tonight we tried Totonno's in Yonkers for the first time. It will be the last time that we ever go there. Yes, the place is weird, being in that Ramada and all, and the decor, or lack thereof, plus the dance floor which reminded me of a Sheraton Inn that I used to stay at for business trips in Buffalo.

                                But all that wasn't the problem -- I am a chowhound and it is all about the food. The pizza was just awful. We ordered a large pie, half with fresh garlic and half plain. I do prefer a topping or 2, like mushrooms or sausage, but since my 2 small kids were with us, it was just easier to get it plain (plus the garlic for me and my husband). This pizza, if you could call it that, had absolutely no taste whatsoever. Not the crust, not the sauce, not the cheese. Nada. It was like eating cardboard. So little taste, that I actually found myself dipping the crust in the honey mustard sauce that was on the table (we also had some chicken fingers for my kids to share). Even the Diet Coke was bordering on flat/undrinkable.

                                It's pretty sad that the best thing about the meal was the honey mustard sauce that came with the chicken fingers.

                                Never again. And I feel bad because I really wanted to like it.

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                                  Have just tried Tino's in Hawthorne recently - while it's not a glamourous spot, the pizza was VERY yummy. For us in Ossining, worth the drive. Far better than Serafine or Ossining Pizza, mentioned above. If you want good "New York, regular oven pizza" we like Capriccio II in Croton.

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                                    I hated Totonno's pizza too, give Johnny's a try.

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                                      I agree chowdom. Johnny's in Mt Vernon, Rigatoni's in Pelham and Modern in New Rochelle are your best best for thin/brick oven pizzas.

                                  2. Just a heads-up, the quality of Muzzarella in Hartsdale has recently gone down the pan. Not only do they not bother to answer the phone for pick-up orders, they completely screwed up my order when it was finally completed, close to an hour after calling, when I was told 20mins. I asked for a potato-rosemary-olive oil focaccia and got a tomato sauce pizza with potato chunks on it. The artichoke pizza was terrible; oily, bland and hardly worth eating. I won't be going there again. Bleh.

                                    1. Catania's in Yonkers- great thin crust pizza....on Central Avenue. you will love it.

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                                        Twenty five minutes from the Tappan Zee, in Mahwah, is Kinchley's Tavern. The best thin, and I mean thin, crust pizza I've had. Fresh Garlic and Black Olives is my favorite. The Broccoli is great too. Plain? Out of this world!

                                        1. re: Drew E

                                          Sounds yummy, but back/forth gas, tolls, and 60+ minutes travel? Remind me what else is out Mahwah way to make this worth a trip? Haven't been there since teen-hood for the roller rink, when gas was <$1.

                                          Went back to Tino's in Hawthorne on Friday - had a yummy classico pizza (tomatoes, mozz, basil), an arugula salad, and a beer each of us for less than a trip to movies with popcorn. Now that's a night out!

                                      2. I really really really think Scarsdale Pizza Station is becoming my fav pizza place!!! Everything ive had their is incredible! They have these thin crust "foccacia" slices and they are SO good! They are perfectly sized so that you can try a few different toppings! On friday, i had the fresh mozzarella, broccoli raab, sundried tomato, and sausage, and a tomato and garlic one...... they are SO flavorful but not overwhelming.
                                        I also had this gorgonzola and grilled vegetable one and it was delicious as well.
                                        I also got a thin crust pie delivered to my house and it was delicious as well!
                                        They have a lot of speciality pizzas and they all sound so amazing!