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Crazy Fish - What's the appeal?

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Went there years ago and found it to be mediocre. Now I live nearby and see it packed to the rafters night after night with the wait spilling out onto the sidewalk outside. I don't get it. Am I missing something?

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  1. nope, you are not missing anything. rather, the people lining up at crazy fish are missing something...their tastebuds. =)

    1. I used to think the appeal was that it was cheap, but really it's not that far off of much better places in terms of price. I don't get it either. But I have a friend who loves the place, so once a year or so I end up there with her.

      1. i love their spicy tuna roll. all their other rolls are bleh, but when i go, i order their spicy tuna roll (it's deep fried) and a veggie roll to balance it out. but i think most people who go have no idea that they're not eating real sushi.

        it's california food. :)

        1. Just another place that's popular because everyone says it is. Every town has at least one; LA, being large, has quite a few. Cheesecake Factory, anyone?

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            hey now, cheesecake factory is great for what it is

            their strawberry lemonade is fantastic

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              Uh-huh...and I understand the French toast at Marston's is pretty good, too. But I'm not about to stand around outside for an hour to find out.

          2. I am so happy to see some others wondering about this. This is not good sushi! When I went (which was quite a few years ago) we ordered some roll that was about the size of a plate, stuffed with three or four different kinds of fish, and it was just, well, vulgar.