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Jun 22, 2007 03:14 PM

the foundry have you been? what is your rating?

thinking of going next week

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  1. We went for brunch on Father's day. Sat in their very pleasant enclosed outdoor patio -- the tables aren't too close together, the live music is piped back to the patio but at a level that allows conversation, they have a nice outdoor fireplace. Food was very good, if not wildly inventive. We got their "tasting menu" brunch -- basically steak and eggs, waffles and granola. The steak was cooked perfectly -- tenderloin with a poached egg (very runny), morel mushrooms and a nice bearnaise. Waffles were very good and not too sweet with creme fraiche and roasted nectarines, and the granola was more of a "bar" and was totally delicious. It was appropriately portioned so we were satisfied but not stuffed, and the service was really good, which is quite refreshing in that neighborhood, where "pretty" often substitutes for "competent" when it comes to waitservice (BLD, I'm looking at you!) I wouldn't call it a culinary high point in terms of innovation and "differentness" but the food was very well-prepared and tasted good, the atmosphere was very pleasant and the service was friendly. We enjoyed ourselves a lot and will return.

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      About 2 weeks ago, we tried to eat at Table 8 for their late menu, but they had stopped serving early and kindly suggested we try The Foundry. We walked in and were seated quickly (there were plenty of tables) but then sat with menus for 15 min - no water, no setup, no waitperson, nothing. finally, the manager or host came over and asked (but kind of demanded) if anybody had taken our drink order. We said no, and he did the following:
      A) made a crazy, Incredible Hulk angry face (that was meant to be funny)
      B) shook our hands and introduced himself (think his name was Jim)
      C) left without taking our drink order
      D) scolded the woman who was supposed to be our waitress (only feet from our table)
      If you chose E, you are correct.
      It was so strange. We felt terrible that this woman that he just yelled at was going to have to take our order...but there was no need to feel badly because she never even came over. Nobody did. There was only one other table eating in the restaurant and tons of waitstaff that were literally dancing around at the couter where they pass the food through from the kitchen (also feet from our table). Ten minutes after the odd interaction with the manager, we still had not ordered drinks, gotten setups, etc. so we stood up and walked out. It's literally blocks from my house and every time I open a newspaper or magazine it's getting another rave review - but I think this was the first and last time I ever go to The Foundry.

    2. ate at the foundry last night. the food was fine, but nothing i'm dreaming about this morning and the waiter was so overbearing and annyoying, i plan to call the restaurant to complain this morning. several times, our conversation was interuppted so the waiter could describe the food. his speeches were so longwinded, i was reminded of the episode of topchef where the judges wanted to dig in, but watched their food get cold as tiffany blathered on and on about each ingredient. at one point, describing the ingredients of my friend's dish, the waiter stuck his finger in her plate, pointing. it was disgusting.