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Jun 22, 2007 03:05 PM

Lorenzo's Freehold

Just found out Lorenzo's is now a Mexican Restaurant. Anybody know what happened? He was there a very long time, so I'm surprised to hear he shut down.

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  1. Lorenzo decided to retire-he needed a break after all those years. I drove by the new Mexican place the other day and all the specials were Italian food! Maybe the cooks stayed on? Anyone eaten there since?

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      Years ago (maybe 10) I was a Friday night regular at Lorenzo's and became very friendly with him. I know he bought the building the restaurant was in as well as the building just next door. Also, he purchased the building on the other side of the driveway. So...maybe he figures he can live off the rental income. Anyway, I know he worked very hard and was always fretting over every aspect of the restaurant operation. I guess it took its toll

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        Angelina, Lorenzo's was in the free-standing house on Main near Throckmorton. Before it was Lorenzo's, it was The Doll House. Now, it's Mi Lindo Mexico. I mentioned the latest change on my post about Freehold, and jsfein posted a report about his dinner there on the Mi Lindo Mexico thread. (See below.)

        Densell, The cuisine is definitely Mexican. jsfein's report is here:

      2. I ran in to Lorenzo last week. He will be opening a new and larger fine dining restaurant on Route 524 on the Howell/Farmingdale border at a location formerly known as the Edge of Town and Adelphia 72. He expects to have the Grand Opening sometime in either December or January. There will also be a full bar which is something he didn't have before.

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          wow that is very interesting. that location has never had success. I hope it works for him!

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            Wish him luck there. That place has been through many, many owners. It is off the beaten track for sure. The only time i've seen it work when when Lon owned it and he was the entertainment as well. It closed one night and he dissappeared. How sad.

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              I would love to get in touch with Lorenzo. As I mentioned in my original post, when I lived in Manalapan, my ex and I used to dine there every Friday night and became pretty friendly with Lorenzo as well as his wife. If you see him again, please tell him Lon was asking about him. Maybe you/he can send me his contact info ( Thanks.

              1. re: lggfly

                Well, it looks like Lorenzo's is back. I just saw this posted in another forum....(Lon, his number is here too)

                Lorenzo's Restaurant will be reopening in a new location on Thursday, December 20, 2007.

                Guests will now enjoy an expanded menu with more emphasis on seafood and steak selections.

                A large, mahogany bar will offer cocktails and a large selection of domestic and imported wines.

                The new restaurant is on Route 524 in Howell approximately 4 miles east of Route 9. The location was formerly known as the Edge of Town and Adelphia 72.

                Please contact Brielle at (732) 919-1177 for reservations or with any inquiries or visit

                Thank you so much to those who have supported us over the years and helped through this transition.

                We hope to see everyone!

                Lorenzo’s Restaurant

                1. re: Buzliteyear

                  Thank you.....last I looked at his website, it said "coming soon"
                  Can't wait to see him and try the new place.