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Jun 22, 2007 02:36 PM

Pre-Police Chow and Booze near Dodger Stadium

Hi all and thanks for your help! I am planning on seeing the mighty POLICE in concert this Saturday and wanted to grab a bite and many alcoholic beverages beforehand -- closer to the stadium the better.

Here's what I'm looking for:
Open and serving at 3pm and on
Chowhound worthy grub
High octane drinks
Within reasonable distance to stadium (see aforementioned drinks)

I know there are a couple Mexican places along Sunset. Anything along there would be great.

Thanks guys!!!

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  1. Barrigans, they make a sneaky mean margarita, 2 of them can do serious damage. Get some nachos and grub, it will be okay. Then walk to Dodger Stadium!

    1. You could go to Traxx in Union Station. Or phillippe's, but I'm not sure how high-octane their drinks will be.

      1. We'll be at the show too, and our plan right now is to grab a late-night dinner right afterwards. I'm intersted in hearing others recs, although right now we're leaning toward going to Hungry Cat because it is on our way back to the house.

        1. Redwood room on 2nd and Hill good food and great bar scene. Plenty of pre police folks going here Saturday.
          then you take hill to alpine to dodger stadium 5 minutes flat.