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Jun 22, 2007 02:05 PM

expired eggs

i know it sounds gross - but can you use expired eggs safely (like hard boiled?)? or should they be tossed asap?

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  1. I'm not sure just how long ago they expired, but I do know that if you crack a bad egg, you will know it right away. They smell pretty terrible. If they smell OK, I'd go for it.

    1. The expire date and maybe a week more are perfect for hard boiled. My friend's farm fresh eggs actually are impossible for hard boiled--won't peel and break up when you try.

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      1. re: Sam Fujisaka

        yes older eggs work much better for hard boiling!

        i am assuming that the eggs are "only just expired past the date printed on the carton"

        not "my cousin passed away three months ago, and we were cleaning out her fridge. . ."

        if that is the case, though, lift each egg from the carton. if any of the eggs feels lighter than it should, do yourself a favor and toss them all.

        1. re: soupkitten

          I also test them - if the eggs float in the water, that means they're pretty old, and I toss them - I've started having issues w/ recycled egg cartons from the farmer's market, where I know the date isn't right. I should start marking the carton myself when I get home. If they sink to the bottom, they're still fresh, and if they "stand" in the water vertically, they are probably better boiled than poached.

          1. re: MMRuth

            yes, you are absolutely right! i get super-fresh eggs farm direct and use them very quickly; so i have to have a "hoarding system" for keeping eggs long enough to hard-boil well. the op should test the eggs in water if in doubt.

      2. How expired are they? They may be perfect for making hard cooked eggs and will peel like a dream. You can do the test with a bowl of water and placing a few at a time in the water. If the float then get rid of them. Mojoeater is right if they are way past prime and have begun to spoil then they will smell really bad and sulphury when cracked open.

        1. I would throw them once expired, but thats just the way I am. I know we will see posts about how someone used and egg 6 months after it expired and it was good, or the best egg they ever ate.... but I wouldnt risk it. Not worth food poisoning over a $2 carton of eggs.

          1. i used to eat them, if they were a little bit over the expiration date, with no problem. It just took getting sick one time to change that habit for good. i hate wasting anything, but i'd toss 'em, if i were you.


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              It happened to me just last night - there was a potluck for lunch today, and I was to bring my deviled eggs. Looked in the back of the fridge, there was a half carton of eggs maybe 4-5 days past the expiration. They went right in the pot with the rest of them. I haven't heard anyone gag yet...... still listening....