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Jun 22, 2007 01:48 PM

Looking for a quite range hood!!! [moved from Site Talk board]

I'm redoing my kitchen appliances and I need a quite range hood... I'm not having much luck on finding them and the ones I do find are either to small or too much $$$.
All advice greatly ppreciated.

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  1. What you are asking for is a tough combination. If you also want "very high CFM" number it would be the impossible troika of requirements.

    I suggest doing some comparison shopping. Broan & Kobe make some of the largest selections of quieter hoods with non-astronomical prices. Don't expect commercial levels of air handling, that really cannot be achieved without some noise...

    1. Pauline, We opted for a Broan Best and are completely happy with it. It's very quiet on both low and medium. On High it moves 900+ feet of air per minute; at this setting it's noisy but you're obviously avoiding setting off the smoke detectors with your cooking adventure.

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        We put in a Zephyr designed by Fu Teng Cheng (famous for concrete counters) and it is gorgeous and very functional but man oh man is it LOUD. We have Wolf range with a grill (mistake) but needed something incredibly strong and ended up having to add a higher powered fan and venting it through a special box they had to install outside the house. And my smoke detector still goes off if I use the grill. grrr