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Jun 22, 2007 01:23 PM

Rockin Ribfest Tonight, Sat, Sun, in Merrimack

4pm to 11pm today, 11am-11pm Saturday, 11am-4pm Sunday

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  1. went saturday at 4pm. long lines (45min+) at all stations. tried a few different places but none stood out as 'awesome.' couldn't find a dry rib to save my life, all wet.

    the Bud Demon's Hop Yard was a decent IPA-ish beer, not bad.

    if i go next year it will definitely be earlier.

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    1. re: ScubaSteve

      I ended up going on friday, and the lines were only five to ten minutes long. I tried the sampler platter at most of the places. At first I loved the pinapple in the coleslaw at the australian one, but when I went back to get more I realised the coleslaw was really watery and I didn't really enjoy it as much as the creamier coleslaws other places had. The gator place had the best beans. As for the ribs themselves, it was hard to choose. The australians were pretty dry though. I prefer wet and falling off the bone.

    2. I've gone on Fri night for the last three years. I think it's less crowded than on the weekend, especially if the weather is iffy.

      This year I went to M&M Ribs (Dorchester, MA) for the Jamaican Jerk chicken and spicy rice. A steal at $4 and a side of mac-n-cheese for $3. It was very good. I also sampled their BBQ chicken last year, as they were closing for the night. They don't have the big glitzy storefront, but their BBQ is good.

      The Phantom Gourmet called them a "Hidden Jewel".