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Jun 22, 2007 01:03 PM

Maggie Valley/Waynesville, NC

Looking for recommendations for good dinner places in the area. Thanks

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  1. Panacea, in Frog Level, is the coffee and sandwich shop that you should not miss! (Frog Level is in Waynesville proper, but I am not sure how to describe exactly its relation to main street; ask anyone on the sidewalk and they can tell you.)

    Lomo Grill is an expensive, but good restaurant: 44 Church St

    Whitmans Bakery and Sandwiches cannot be missed! (on Main St.


    Bogarts and O'Malleys are local favorites and good chow (Bogarts used to have kick-ass prime rib on Froday nights; hope they still do!)

    The food at Waynesville Country Club is tasty, and for a country club, pretty inexpensive

    You can get wine and beer in Waynesville, but no liquor drinks. You will have to go to Maggie Valley for liquor drinks. Snappy's Pizza there is yummy.

    And, while you are here, you must visit The Swag: Swag; 2300 Swag Rd; (828) 926-0430

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      i've been to snappy's pizza - it was good, nothing spectacular.

      i enjoyed the guiness gravy and fries that they served at the irish pub in waynesville. (o'mally's)

      when in the mountains i look for mountain food that i can't get here in FL: country ham biscuits for breakfast being a must have!!

    2. In Waynesville, a hard to find place with dinner only (arrive at set hour) place is the Heath Lodge. Well worth finding. Call ahead, get directions and instructions. Reservations a must. A truly off-the-beaten-path, very unique place with really good food.