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Jun 22, 2007 12:49 PM

Dinner Tonight? McPherson?

Hey guys. Friends coming in to town tonight and can't think of anywhere to take them to dinner. We are meeting other friends late at Lima (1401 K), but not eating. We wanted to take them to somewhere fun for dinner. Nothing crazy.

I was thinking I'd try BLT steak but a few days ago it didn't get very good reviews. Any other ideas within walking distance of Lima? Thanks.

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  1. A friend of mine went to BLT Steak for lunch this week and really enjoyed. He's got pretty straight-ahead American tastebuds and isn't as chow-y as many who post here.

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      You're in a good area, depending on what you mean by walking distance.

      A good two blocks east on K, the Sheraton Four Points has a restaurant called Corduroy. I have never been disappointed there. Tom Power is an up and coming chef, and this place is a rare find in D.C. You will rave about it.

      A good 2-3 blocks south on 14th is Ceiba, easily the best of Jeff Tunks' four restaurants right now. Your starting location is at DC Coast, probably third among his current kitchens right now -- Acadiana is a solid second and Ten Penh is pulling up the rear.

      Heading west and crossing south to Eye St., you'll hit the Oval Room at 800 Connecticut (about 3-4 blocks away) and the Bombay Club at 815 Connecticut and Todd Gray's Equinox at 818 Connecticut. It might be one of the best city blocks of upscale dining in Washington....maybe the whole country. You can always head in that direction and decide what you want along the way.