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Jun 22, 2007 12:33 PM

Good Russian Food in Brighton Beach

Thinking about going to Brighton Beach for Russian food tonight. Any good places left out there?

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  1. was there ever any good Russian food on Brighton Beach ?
    Or any where else in Brooklyn ?
    Or any where else in NY ?
    Everything I've ever had in a russian restaurant was pretty bad.

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    1. re: gkolten

      [25th annual Mermaid parade ... I remember when it was a "block party"]

      Eastern Feast today - CIA/Brighton - lamb/pork kabobs - sandwiches w/"Silk Road Salad" ... good "cheap" eats to go.
      A little further down CIA, earlier in the week, Glechik Cafe ... sit down ... basics: borsch, pelmeni, Shashlik.
      I think there are "day of the week" specials here ... any recs?

      1. re: gkolten

        I'm with you gkolten.
        I live in Manhattan Beach and IMHO
        Good Russian Food is an oxymoron.

      2. Slipped into the underreported CAFE EUROASIA last night on Brighton 6th...even though they were fersh outta samsas and shurpa, the Ukrainian borsch with a hunka nice meatand the Greek salad were standouts...the lyiulia and lamb kebabs, homefried potatoes with earthy mushrooms all satisfied.

        The dessert feast was for the eyes only, a bevy of colorful, glittery "mermaids" on the "Q" - fresh from the parade/celebration at the phenomenal old Childs' space in CI.

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        1. re: Mike R.

          we went here after peering into 3 or 4 other places (too much velvet, too forbidding, too glitzy, etc.) and were very happy with this final choice

          + pickled veg
          + potato and mushroom homestyle
          + lagman
          + lamb rib kebab
          + pork kebab
          + lepyoshka

          for two, a whole lotta food! the pickles were great; a pile of nice cabbage slaw, crispy pickles, pickled tomatoes, pepperoncini, etc. the lagman was a nice spicy bowl of beef noodle soup, quite good. the potatoes were very good, hard to describe but basically, like pan-fried potatoes, large pieces, but soft, but also with soft interiors. doused in garlic, mushroom, dill and OO. yum! the bread was really good, the typical and hot out the oven. the lamb rib kebab was blisfully fatty and delicious; basically was like the bottom part of the chop, bone attached, and just delicious. will go back if I'm in the area again.

          Euroasia Cafe
          602 Brighton Beach Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11235

        2. Know this is a little old but check out this thread:

          Went to Tatiana's about 18 months ago and had a great meal and wonderful entertainment - it is a place to experience.

          1. The original comment has been removed
            1. My roommate plans a yearly dinner at Tatiana's. She said it is something to experience, I've not been yet.

              Though it's not for a sit-down dinner, I've always been a fan of the M & I Internat'l Foods upstairs cafe. Great for a cheap, simple lunch after a walk on the beach. Downstairs is a jam-packed emporium of counters that are good for take-out (great stuffed cabbage, white bean/tomato salad,carrot salad, etc), but be prepared to fight for your right to order.