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Jun 22, 2007 12:00 PM

Arriving Sunday 6/24 - Dining ideas - Please comment

My wife and I are arriving on Sunday the 24th and will be in NOLA through the 28th.

Staying in the Quarter on Conti.

Have been several times, but want to make this trip a dining tour de force.

My ideas (many gleaned from this forum):

Dinner at Brigsten's
Dinner at Cochon
Lunch at Galatoire's
Mufaletta at Central
Pimm's Cup at Napoleon House
Breakfast at Brennan's
Lunch at Mother's

Any other suggestions or critiques of these ideas?


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  1. Lots of places, Brigtsen's among them (don't know about the others on your list), are not open on Sundays or Mondays. If you're struggling to find a place to fill one of those slots, consider Stella!, a fabulous place in the Quarter.

    As for breakfast, I'm not a breakfast-at-Brennan's type. Go to Petunia's instead.

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    1. re: Blumie


      Good one, Blumie. We love Petunia's!

      If I can resist the urge to go for three or four cups of cafe brulot....What the heck, we'll probably do both.

      Just made the reservation at Brigtsen's. We'll just have to scrounge on Sunday and Monday. I'll have to force myself to hit Acme.

      Thanks for the feedback on Stella! We'll probably fill one of the "off" days at Remoulade. Have had pretty good luck there.

    2. I would skip Breakfast at Brennans unless you want to spend close to $100 for eggs. It's not as great as it used to be. Mostly tourists these days who have heard about it.

      Some of the other Brennans places are great for brunch. Try Ralph's in the Park on City Park. It's a Brennan family restaurant. It's a cab ride from the quarter and make a reservation. You won't be disappointed. I am not sure they serve brunch during the week, but lunch there would be a nice change.

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        I do agree that Brennan's is pricey, but the breakfast at Brennan's experience is quintessential old New Orleans...and it's about so much more than the eggs. The milk punch alone is divine. The turtle soup is exquisite. And the crepes fitzgerald trumps the bananas foster for me every time.

        1. re: cajungirl

          I'm never moved by the overpriced, overhyped breakfast at Brennan's. I always leave thinking that I could have had a better breakfast for a fraction of the dough elsewhere. I'm not one to pay for "atmosphere" or to pay a premium for the priviledge of engaging in a mass experience.

      2. This pretty much says how this place is, sounds like a great place to me.
        Dinner review on "August" in New Orleans...
        OH MY LORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        They took me in there, although not properly attired. I'd asked first via the phone though, telling them what I'd brought, they said, "come on in".
        In speaking with Chef Eric on the phone, I asked if it was alright if I just did the appetizers that I'd chosen off the online dinner menu. He said it was perfect. My appetite is very small now, losing 4 dress sizes, stomach is tiny.
        I ordered the appy's.
        The menu is in redo mode so it's not updated.
        They started me off with a muse bushe (spelling?) of zabaglione in an egg shell that was garlic and parmesan cheese shards prominantly in flavor. Crazy beautiful and VERY RICH.
        I got the Organic Greens with Pumpkin seed Brittle and a mound of blue cheese with pumpkin seed oil viniagarette. I could have stopped there with the artisan baguettes and the home spun specialty creamery butter. {$8} Beautiful like a post card and VERY RICH.
        On to the Foie Gras 3 way, but since I was the only one there and had called in advance to speak to Chef Eric, they brought me Foie Gras 4 ways. It was beautiful and so tasteful, VERY RICH. {$18
        }Last, I forged on to the hand made gnocchi with blue crab and white summer truffle slices in a rich cream sauce with shards of parmesan. Beautiful, so tasteful and VERY RICH. {$18}
        By the time I left, the place had really packed several people in. I was invited to the kitchen to speak to and meet Chef Eric {who is 12} and meet the staff.
        They were beautiful and delightful and so accomodating.
        I will say one thing about August that I truly hated. And that's a strong word.
        That is, that I could not share this incredible experience with the love of my life. But perhaps next time...........
        FYI and who knew, that Chef John Besh, owner of August, beat out Mario Batalli on Iron Chef America....not I....

        1. Absolutely DO NOT miss Cochon. This place celebrates the PIG in a big way, and with a nouvelle approach..You will love it. Also look up Jacques-Imos.

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          1. re: Jscottmac

            I have to second this comment on Cochon. The place is AMAZING. Almost everything is done in house from butchering to even mustard! You can't go wrong with a restaurant whose name means pig. Don't miss the moonshine-- it's not the rubbing alcohol, bootleg stuff, it's a nice after dinner drink that'll knock you on your ass. They have 4-6 varieties I think. And remember, this place serves Cajun food so don't be scared off by some of their "weirder" items. The chicken liver appetizer is to die for.

            Also, while I love Jacques-Imo's for the experience, the food can sometimes be hit-or-miss so you'd do much better food-wise at Dick & Jenny's over on Tchoupitoulas. Their Grits and Grillades are delicious.

          2. Don't know i it's stll there, but Le Peniche on the corner of Touro and Dauphine(???) always had a SOLID breakfast and you won't be dining with tourists. Also, Coop's on the 1100 block of Decatur has great reasonable food for lunch or for late night. As a former cookie in New Orleans, I would have to say both Brigtsen;s and August are not to be missed, as well as the Muffaletta at Central, it's impossible to overstate how great this sandwich is. Also, don't know if Cafe Degas on Esplanade is back, but its excellent French Cuisine in an almost outdoor setting. I'd agree with skipping anything Brennan's. Bayona on dauphine in the quarter is a gimme and The Bistro at Maison de Ville has a killer bar but for some local color check out Lounge Lizards on Decatur and Bienville(??)