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Jun 22, 2007 11:56 AM

Takeout/delivery in West LA?

Having a bachelor party tonight for a friend and wanted to know any recommendations to good takeout food or delivery in West LA, near Westwood. Type of food doesn't matter. Thanks.

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  1. your best bet is to check out one of the delivery services that cover a lot of local restaurants

    1. I always like Siam Chan, on the corner of Colby & Santa Monica Blvd. But like everybody will say: Their pad thai is annoyingly sweet and pink-colored.

      But I really like their food, overall. Their praram dish is good, if you like peanut-sauced dishes. Their junpu noodles are good, if you like a sour taste. Their eggplant isn't anything special, though. Their orange chicken is surprisingly good. Their BBQ chicken is pretty good, as well.

      1. MenuPages has a restaurant delivery subsection, and for Westwood, it lists 27:

        I'm not too sure if their info is 100% right though and they omitted several that do. CPK may only be togo as well as Asuka, Ami, Soleil, ect.

        Some Others do deliver, but be warned, that some only deliver for Lunch:

        Ambala Dhaba - Indian
        (310) 966-1772

        Mr. Noodle - Exotic Asian Cuisine (mainly Chinese & Thai).

        Shamshiri Grill - Persian
        (310) 474-1410


        Mio Bobbo's - Italian at a reasonable price.

        But really don't you want to narrow down the acceptable cuisine options & maybe $$ per person ceiling? The ones I've listed are in the $ to $$ range and not the $$$$ to $$$$$ range.

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          Would you believe that, despite using menupages in NYC for years, I never knew you could search for places that deliver? Thanks much for the tip, JBC!

        2. Shamshiri has good food, very generous portions, and very quick, free delivery service. I really like their chicken shawarma, beef koobideh, and sharazi salad.

          Lamonica's in Westwood Village has far and away the best pizza in the area, a brisk delivery business, and discount coupons a couple of times a week in the Daily Bruin.

          I also like Siam Chan for Thai delivery. Good mee krob in a vented container so it stays crispy and doesn't steam limp, tasty yellow curry, and I like the spicy noodles. Very reasonable prices.

          Jose Bernstein's charges a very nominal fee for delivery. Burritos, sandwiches, burgers and the like. In my opinion a step down from the others.

          1. best bets imho are:
            thai boom
            shamshari grill

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              I believe that real estate agents have begun advertising those places close enough to Venice Blvd. and Midvale to be within easy delivery to Thai Boom!