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Bar for a birthday get-together

I'm looking for a bar that is pretty low-key, but maybe on the new side... so a bunch of friends to meet up next friday for my birthday. I'm thinking more cocktails/lounge-ish. My boyfriend is recruiting his friends since he doesn't know my friends all that well, so I want a place where it would be easy to grab a drink and mingle if 12 or so friends show up. I'm thinking the Westside to Mid-Wilshire area to West Hollywood area so that people from all over can converge in the middle. Not crazy trendy but no dive bars either. Any suggestions? Anyone tried anywhere new they'd recommend?

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  1. I think you haven't had any responses because your net is too wide. Narrow down to one neighborhood and we can probably help. Also, lounge-ish but not trendy, that's a tough order.

    top of my head would be Montana Lounge or Beechwood, but that's nowhere near Mid-Wilshire.

    1. check out the Prince in k-town; http://www.yelp.com/biz/1tjw6RkaWmN9z...

      It's near where the ambassador used to be, and it used to be the Windsor hotel's lobby bar- really neat character and atmosphere- I went there a few years ago and keep meaning to go back- it's mid-wilshire, sorta loungy/retro/old school class/ tack ; ) hope this helps!

      1. I'll recommend 3rd Stop across from Cedar-Sinai. Great beer selection, huge space. The food is surprisingly good, with good renditions of pizzas and other comfort staples like mac and cheese and fries.

        1. check out R Bar. mid wilshire area on 8th/irolo, the northwest corner. the black building. open for about 3 months. the door's probably locked so knock.

          1. I like the Village Idiot on Melrose for drinks.

            1. 3rd stop

              Village Idiot

              The Abbey (gay bar, kinda -sort of, but really nice, and welcoming to all, good food!)

              Library Ale House in Santa Monica (bit of a drive)

              Lucky Devil's

              the beer Garden at the New Otani (Little tokyo, also a bit of a drive, but nice area to sit.)

              The Bar at Rosalind' Etiopian is pretty nice but not trendy. Plus you can get Ethiopian food.

              Bottle Rock for wine or beer tasting.

              Where's that place with tahi Elvis?

              Would the Dresden Lounge be fun? Sort of in the area you mentioned.

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                The Abbey isn't kinda-sorta a gay bar, it is a full-on gay meatmarket. It's great fun. The food is really really awful but the desserts and drinks are great! It gets crazy packed on weekends.

                I agree with all the other recs, especially 3rd Stop, Lucky Devil's and Library.

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                  the place with thai elvis [a.k.a. kevin] is 'palms thai.' could be a great choice for a big group. fun, lively vibe, decent, [relatively] inexpensive food.

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                    I second the R Bar. Has the lougey feeling you're looking for, good juke box, nice atmosphere and you can even sit and order food. It's a really cool, interesting set up. And yes, I think you have to saw Yo Ho Ho at the door to get in, or something pirate-ish like that. I was there on a Friday and it was mellow, but I'd still try and have people meet before 10pm just to be sure you secure some room.

                2. The Other Room on Abbot Kinney in Venice could be an option. If you go earlier -- more happy hour time -- it's more low key and not as trendy. Later, it gets trendier and the velvet rope comes out.

                  The Arsenal (Pico/Bundy) is a pretty good option, too.

                  1. Fat Fish in WH for their happy hour. Nice lounge. Well priced drinks and sushi. Really fun and not expensive.