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Jun 22, 2007 09:54 AM

Wings in Wrigleyville

After searching the board for awhile it seemed that the consensus was Yakzies.

However, while I thought these were fine wings, I figure there have to be better in one of the top sports bar districts in the world!

I fondly remember buffalo joes from my mid-90s NU days and was hoping I could find something in that realm near home. Super hot is my teriyaki boy here!



PS: Going to Schwa next week and will weigh in....

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  1. While some may disagree, I would not list Wrigleyville as a top sports bar district -- the bars around there are meet markets, and they folks look sexy with hot sauce tinged chicken fat on them...

    Come to think of it, even the sports bars in Chicago & the burbs sell a lot more burgers then wings.

    1. There are much better wings in Wrigleyville. There is a casual, neighborhood bar at Byron and Southport (a few blocks northwest of Wrigley Field) with terrific food, including big and tasty wings, real BBQ chicken and ribs, port. mushroom sandwiches, salads, etc. called Toon's. Go on a weeknight or weekend day; weekend nights get very crowded with 20-somethings.