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Picnic food suggestions

I'm going on a pot-luck hike this weekend and looking for suggestions for picnic food to make and bring. Any and all suggestions welcomed!

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  1. Alton Brown did a show about homemade power bars that would be great on a hike:


    1. http://web.foodnetwork.com/food/web/s...

      Michael Chiarello is about my fave host on FoodTV and he did a picnic episode not too long ago, too!

      1. Rachael Ray just did a segment on picnic foods. The frozen fruit on a stick looked very good.


        1. Kim Bap - Korean seaweed & rice rolls.

          1. How about a watermelon salad with feta and fresh mint?

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              that one probably won't be good to mix together ahaed of time. I love it, but the salt from the feta makes the watermelon bleed out, and it will turn soupy in an hour.

            2. I've done this Chinese-Flavored Fried Chicken with Green Onion dipping sauce from Bon Appetit a few times for picnics. Fried chicken for picnics rocks, and this is good at room temperature.


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                German Potato Salad (I've found crockpot recipes for this that come out good)
                See my post on pasta salad - that'd go great on a picinic.
                Asian Coleslaw

                None of these have mayo.

                Hmm.... hummus and tortillas would probably do pretty good.

                You going to have access to a cooler or just food that doesn't have to be chilled/

              2. There's a Silver Palate recipe for couscous that I swear by for picnics -- good hot or cold. Has zucchini, yellow squash, olive oil, garlic, chickpeas, curry powder, cayenne, those sorts of spices . . .

                1. Maybe a layered and pressed sandwich. Use a large round loaf hollowed out, slathered with pesto and/or tapanade top and bottom (or just oil and vin), layered with turkey, mortadella, Genoa salami, ham, provalone, mozzarella, roasted red peppers. Wrap, weight overnight in fridge to compress. Travels well, good at room temp. Perhaps slice and rewrap before you leave for the hike to avoid having to take a knife along with you. (Use an electric knife if you have one -- makes for much easier slicing. Serrated knife at the very least.)

                  Or maybe the same ingredients in an Italian antipasto salad kinda thing. Cubes of a variety of the above-mentioned meats and cheeses, pepperoncini, a variety of olives (maybe some garlic-stuffed ones too), chick peas, cherry toms or chunks of larger toms, even some pasta and/or canellini beans. A good garlic vinaigrette should keep it happy for a while.