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Jun 22, 2007 09:49 AM

Is there a kosher food stand @ Shea Stadium?

And if so, where in the stadium is it? Is there more than one? What do they serve? Is it any good?

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    1. re: weinstein5

      Thanks for the link. It mentions the stand in right field, but also says: "Other locations include portables on the Loge and Mezzanine levels of the stadium." Anyone have experience with those?

    2. There is a Hebrew National Stand- I think it is on the first level, closer to the subway entrance side of the stadium.

      1. Just note that when the link says "on the first base side," it means you have to go ALL THE WAY to the end of the stadium on the field level (on the first base side). I had a knish there a couple of weeks ago, which was pretty good, and my husband had a hot dog, which he said was superior to the other franks available at Shea.

        1. The main one is all the way in the rightfield corner on the Field Level. There's also a small one in the Mezzanine section between home and third. There are often stands in Loge and Upper Deck in roughly the same spot as the one in Mezzanine, but not always.

          As for what they have: hot dogs, hamburgers, chicken nuggets, knishes (round), pretzels, soda, water, and maybe a few other little things. The hot dogs, hamburgers, and knishes are all good, if overpriced. The nuggets are the frozen ones like you buy in the supermarket. The pretzels are the same should-be-hot-but-are-cold-and-soggy NY Super Pretzels that they sell at the treif stands.