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Jun 22, 2007 09:34 AM

something interesting this weekend for group of 6?

Hi guys,

Was thinking of going to Cafe Volo this Sat. night (more for the beer list, patio - less for the food), but forgot that it's Pride weekend. Given the area and no reservation policy, this doesn't seem like a great idea anymore if we actually expect to get a table.

I'm all out of ideas where to go. This is not a fancy group but they're all pretty adventurous when it comes to eating. A patio and nice alcohol list would be good but not limiting factors. Something between say DVP, Dufferin, Bloor, lake would be great. Any ideas? I'm considering Banu? Thoughts? Mains in the $15-$25ish range.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Beer Bistro (King just east of Yonge) will have a comparable beer list to Volo. It's away from the Pride party scene, but it will probably still be busy though. They have a long thin patio along one side.

    Southern Accent on Markham St. near Bloor & Bathurst has a great covered patio, fun vibe, and decent Cajun-style food, and while the beer list is not huge they usually have some good microbrews, and they also feature some interesting and tasty mixed drinks.